Top 10 natural Cancer Fighting Foods

The disease that is caused by uncontrolled cell division is called cancer. The number of deaths due to cancer is very high around the world. Because no medicine has been produced until now which can fight against cancer completely. Some natural cancer fighting foods can be used to treat disease in the body. By taking of these foods can reduce the risk of cancer. Things You Should Know About Cancer Insurance Policies

Natural Cancer Fighting Foods

Your daily diet has a great influence on your overall health. One of the best ways to prevent and cure cancer is to get a proper healthy diet. Here are 10 natural cancer fighting foods that can be easily found in our kitchen.

01: Broccoli


Cauliflower, cabbage, kale are eaten to protect cancer. But broccoli has all the properties that present in cauliflower, cabbage, kale. It helps to fight against cancer tumors. Broccoli has a strong sulforaphane that is particularly useful in preventing prostate cancer. So keep broccoli in your regular food list to fight against cancer.

02: Tomatoes


Tomato is a very healthy vegetable. Tomatoes serve as a vegetable, carry or another way to fight against cancer. It has a potent antioxidant named lycopene which is particularly useful in preventing disease. It can help to reduce cancer risk. Tomato has an effective element for reducing cancer risk. It helps to prevent:

  • Prostate cancer
    • Lung cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Stomach cancer

03: Mushroom


A new study found that mushroom can play a helpful role in the treatment of bladder and prostate cancer. Medical scientists of the New York Medical College’s Urology Department have done this new research on the mushroom. In the study, they found that those who are suffering from cancer may lose their disease by at least 75 percent if they take mushrooms regularly. Those who take regular therapy in the treatment of cancer can reduce it by eating mushrooms.

04: Beans


Michigan State University did research, and they found that seeds are beneficial to reduce colon cancer. In another study “Crop Science” found that dried beans can fight against breast cancer. They took an experiment in rats. Dry beans, split peas, and different vegetables contain anti-cancer effects. Seeds have spermidine which can fight against cancer. It also has an antioxidant. It helps to prevent any disease.

05: Berries


Among all fruits, beans have the highest cancer-preventing power. Raspberries, blueberries, cranberries are reduced cancer. A type of antioxidant called Pterostilbene is present in blueberries. It has cancer-fighting properties. Strawberry has Vitamin C and folic acid. It also has many antioxidants They reduce cancer risk. Leafy Green Vegetables

06: Green Leafy Vegetables

cancer fighting foods

There are some properties which help to prevent cancer. They are:
• Fiber
• Folate
• Carotenoids
• Flavonoids
Green leafy vegetables are the excellent source of all above the element. Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, spinach has a tremendous amount of fiber and folate. They also have carotenoids. Taking leafy green vegetable to reduce the risk of cancer. Vegetables contain natural inflammatory power which will tremendously help to reduce cancer risk.

07: Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds

If you have cancer, then nuts and seeds are the best. Because a small number of nuts and seeds can give you a lot of nutrients. The nut has fats, as well as potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, selenium and vitamin E. There are also some protein and fiber. Due to the existing anti-cancer element selenium in the Nuts colon, lung and liver cancer can reduce.

08: Turmeric


We should add turmeric in our food menu. Turmeric is an herb which contains curcumin, a chemical that has been proved to reduce the growth of many types of cancer.

09: Garlic

garlic cancer killer

Garlic is considered one of the cancer fighting foods which is easily available and everyone can add this their diet. Also, it boosts your immune system and contains the powerful antioxidant. Garlic helps to fight against fungus and parasites. It used for ancient detoxifier. Garlic is also helpful for your skin. It has so many useful elements for psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

10: Brussels sprouts

brussel sprouts

Brussels sprouts have many vitamins and sulfur-containing compounds. It has activated cancer-fighting enzyme systems in your body. Brussels sprouts have an anti-inflammatory property which will decrease your cancer risk. It was useful for fighting both chronic oxidative stress. Brussels sprouts help to support your body’s natural detoxification system. It is a primary source of vitamins K and C, and the good source of fiber, manganese, potassium, choline, and B vitamins.


Avoid frying your Daily foods. Significantly remove the amount of fast food such as french fries, cereals, and crackers, etc.

It’s impossible to eliminate acrylamide that can accumulate on fried foods. But eating a proper diet mostly free of processed foods and avoiding a high-starch diet.

Frying, baking, broiling or roasting are harmful to creating acrylamide. On the other way, bubbling and steaming seem more averse to do as such.

Cancer is currently known as deadly diseases. So to prevent cancer in time, go to the doctor after a few months and check the whole body. Also, make changes to your food list according to the advice of a doctor. Please share your opinions in the comment box.