Are You Getting The Most Out of CBD Vape Oil? Read This

This is about getting to know what is CBD vape oil. CBD oil is can be defined as the concentrated form of Cannabidiol in a liquid form. The benefits of vaping CBD is way too numerous. It has been confirmed by many researchers, it has been approved by many countries. It has even been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that Cannabis oil can be used for medicinal purpose.

Do you even know that vaping CBD through a vaping device or through a CBD vape pen can help you combat addiction to smoking? Also, in smoking tobacco, the number of deaths related to smoking tobacco is about 7 million people every year. 6 million of those deaths are caused by direct smoking and 890, 000 are results of second-hand smoking of tobacco. For vaping, there has been no casualty.

Cbd Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil Juice

CBD oil can also be taken in many forms. It can be ingested as capsules, candy, foods, or beverages. Cbd oil can be taken under the tongue as tinctures and concentrates. It can be used as soaps, shampoos, moisturizer, creams, and lotions. The easiest is still vaping.

The reason vaping is the best form of CBD oil is simple. CBD oil is hydrophobic. It is similar to your cooking oil. And just like your cooking oil cannot dissolve in water, so it is with CBD oil. So when you consume CBD oil in other forms, particularly orally, the bioavailability of CBD is roughly 15 percent.  But when vaped, it passes through the lungs and is diffused with the bloodstream thereby utilizing about 50 – 60% of the CBD oil.

Not just that vaping also allows a more exciting and enjoyable experience than ingesting CBD vape oils through other forms. There are also varieties. Also, Some CBD vape juice come in different unique and distinct flavors. If a flavor doesn’t appeal to you, you have the liberty to pick another.

So let’s get down to what this post is about – how to get the best out of your vaping device.

Basically, there are two ways of vaping CBD oil. The first is CBD vape juice through a vaping device. The second is a CBD Vape oil pen which requires replacing cartridges.

In taking CBD Vape juice, you will need to buy a vaping device and the cost of replenishing the CBD vape juice is relatively cheap. It also provides a type of experience that the CBD Vape pen cannot provide.

Can You Vape CBD Oil

If you decide to use a CBD Vape oil via a vaping pen. It is easy to use, requires charging and portable but the cost of replacing the cartridge is expensive

Whichever option you are picking, be sure you are not allergic. Some users are allergic or end up developing allergies from using some of the chemicals and materials used in vapes. Some researches even discovered negligible particles of metal and other dangerous contaminants. These dangerous contaminants include lead and cadmium but are not too common.

Generally, whichever device you choose to use, vaping CBD oil allows users to control and determine the dose required for their body. If you take a search on Google, you will notice different options for CBD oil dosage. The facts that a particular amount or dose works for someone does not mean it will work for you. There is really no predefined amount of dose or number puffs one can take. One benefit of the best CBD vape oil is that allows you ‘trial and error’. It gives you the opportunity to test and explore personal best dosage. A right dose will depend on:

  • The concentration of CBD
  • User’s body size
  • User’s body chemistry
  • Why are you using it?
  • A dose right for you is dependent on answering this four questions

How to Vape CBD oil

CBD vape pen: the CBD pen is like an e-cigarette, some are chargeable while others are battery powered. The CBD vape pen converts the CBD vape oil from its liquid form into a vapor. Some CBD vape contains tanks while others pre-filled cartridges. Tanks are easier to use to use as they allow for simple cleaning and reuse. Pre-filled cartridge on its own allows for a one-time use after which the cartridge is disposed of. So, it can melt reach a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Not all vape pens have sensors. Some use sensors to activate their atomizer, others are button powered.

Using a Vaporizer for CBD

Vaporizers come in different sizes. The most common ones are small and can be carried discreetly. Basically, a vaporizer is an electric device that turns its contents into vapor. Unlike Vape pens, the atomizer in vaporizers is battery powered. The atomizer combusts the CBD juice or concentrates by heating the wicks or coils. The vapor is then inhaled into the bloodstream.

Whichever one you choose to use, it is best to pick the option that gives you optimal satisfaction. However, we recommend you weigh your options before picking the one that suits you the most.