Coronavirus Antibodies are Disappearing Within 2 3 Months

Research says that the antibodies produced by the body against the coronavirus can protect you for only two to three months.

Coronavirus has so far infected more than 13,473,111 people worldwide, of which more than 581,583 people have died. In different countries, scientists are working hard day and night to prepare the Corona vaccine. Most patients have recovered due to antibodies (immunoglobulin) created by their body’s immunity (COVID-19 immunity).


When there is an attack of any virus or bacteria in the body, it produces antibodies against them. These antibodies protect the body from this bacteria and virus for a few months, years, or even a lifetime.

However, research has revealed the shocking fact that when the coronavirus attacks in one’s body, the immunoglobulins that the body produces against the coronavirus can protect you for only two to three months. Its effect ends in two-three months. In such a situation, a big question arises whether we will continue to fight corona in this way.

Can Coronavirus affect the Same Person Again?

A majority of the people are curious to know how long immunoglobulins produced by coronavirus last?

According to the latest research, unlike diseases like measles and hepatitis A, coronavirus antibodies do not last for a lifetime.

Florian Krammer, a vaccinologist, says that human coronavirus antibodies are not like those produced in other diseases. A person can get infected by the virus again once their immunity goes below a certain level.

If the effect of immunoglobulin made in the body will subside in 2-3 months, then those who have recovered from corona may be more likely to become infected again. Many reports are also pointing to this, that another wave of coronavirus may come in many countries of the world.

Will People Who Are Healthy With Corona Become Infected Again?

According to the researchers, so far, there have been many cases across the world in which the infection has been seen to spread again in patients who have recovered from the corona.

Research has also said that how long the virus will last, what types of effects it will show in the coming time, nothing is known. However, in several previously published studies, it has been said that people who have been infected with corona once can become infected again after two to three months.

Antibodies Started To Become Inactive After Two Months

To discover how long the antibodies work in the body, researchers included 37 such corona-infected people who were asymptomatic, with no symptoms. Antibodies made in the body of all these corona patients were compared with antibodies made in 37 people who showed signs of the coronavirus. The research found antibodies produced in the body of people without symptoms were significantly weaker.