WellnessAirborne Coronavirus Infection: How Far Can COVID-19 Spread In The Air?

Airborne Coronavirus Infection: How Far Can COVID-19 Spread In The Air?

Ever since scientists have said that the coronavirus infection also spreads through the air, there has been a concern about its adverse effects.

Only after research, it can be concluded that whether or not the coronavirus can spread in the air.

The WHO previously said that the coronavirus infection does not spread through the air. According to a report in the ‘New York Times,’ scientists have urged the WHO to amend the guidelines issued concerning the virus immediately.

Coronavirus Infection

Scientists have claimed in an open letter to the World Health Organization that there is enough evidence to suggest that small particles of the virus are present in the air, which can infect people. Scientists have said in the letter that the coronavirus can remain in the air for a long time and travel several meters.

WHO has been stating that the corona spreads from one person to another when the droplets of the infected person coming out of their mouth or nose during coughing or sneezing reach another person. At the same time, the thinking of scientists from many countries is different from this.

According to the NYT, scientists have written an open letter to the WHO, which is planned to be published in a scientific journal next week. In this paper, 239 scientists from 32 countries gave evidence that the air’s small particles can infect people.

Even if the Coronavirus Infection spreads in the air, how does it spread and how far can it spread?

Ever since scientists have done their research on airborne coronavirus and told that this virus spreads through the air too, people have become quite afraid of the consequences. All kinds of questions are springing up in their minds on how the coronavirus infection spreads in the air.

Social Distancing

These scientists say that along with large droplets coming out of an infected person’s coughing or sneezing, even small drops of water coming out during their breath can spread in the air for as long as the room and infect another person. However, WHO says that the evidence of the virus being found in the air could not be believed.

At present, scientists say that this virus does not spread via air in ways we are thinking of. The manner of spreading of the virus is much different than what the people are concluding, However, unless their research is approved of by WHO, they cannot reveal much information about their findings. What is known till date is that for some time, the virus particles can float in the air and can infect people standing one to six meters away.

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