COVID-19 and Schools Reopening: Education vs Safety

COVID-19 and Schools Reopening!! Education has become a massive concern for the government of every nation. For the past six months, schools and colleges haven’t reopened on an offline mode yet. Classes are being held via online classes. However, governments across the world are contemplating whether or not it is safe to open the schools. Although the real question is, “Is it safe for kids to go back to schools now? Especially when coronavirus cases are increasing crazily”

We are in between a global pandemic, and in-person schooling can be lethal for kids. As per the belief of WHO, coronavirus is more likely to impact kids and older people, bringing the average death age to 45.

COVID-19 and Schools Reopening

The overall decision has been left up to the states and individual school systems. Many schools have already started online classes for kids to study at home. However, it is widely believed that online study cannot be equally effective. Also, the exam structure on online learning appears to be irrelevant.

Florida is currently a concerning hotspot of COVID-19. Of all the children tested in Florida, 31% appeared to be tested positive. As per California statistics, nearly 10% of the overall Covid-19 cases are in children.

As per the medical experts, it is best to practice and implement social distancing protocols, get the students to wear masks, do the temperature checks, and send back all the kids who appear unwell. If the schools and colleges tend to reopen, the institution will have to mandatorily monitor all the given protocols with utmost care. The schools are likely to get opened. However, it is still not the safest thing to do while elevating cases.

corona and schools

Whatsoever, several vibrant factors should be taken into count while determining if in-person learning is safe. In locations like Florida and Texas, the overflowing cases readily forbid the reopening of educational institutions.

Health expert Amesh Adalja from the Center of Health Security strongly believes that schools are still going to have cases and exposures after reopening. It is better to have a plan before going forward.