Smoking to be blamed for COVID-19 Infection in Adults

It is a known fact that young adults have a lesser probability of getting affected by the COVID-19 infection. About twenty-five percent of people hospitalized owing to coronavirus infection in March were in the age range of eighteen to forty-nine. Whereas, about forty-three percent of hospitalized people were in the age group of sixty-five and older.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about two percent of the coronavirus deaths were of people in the age range of eighteen to forty-four. On the other hand, about eighty percent of the people who died due to COVID-19 infection lay in the age group of sixty-five.

COVID-19 Infection

However, certain factors might put you at some serious risk of suffering from the coronavirus infection. As per a new study from the University of California, San Francisco, about one in every three adults present in the age group of eighteen to twenty-five is vulnerable to developing serious COVID-19 infection.

Smoking is one of the many risk factors which increase the chances of a person suffering from coronavirus. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. form other risk factors that may increase the chances of one suffering from coronavirus.

As per the researchers, smoking is one of the deadliest risk factors that increase the vulnerability factor in the late teens and people in their 20s. Around twenty-five percent of the young adults, around 8,400 people in their teens and early twenties smoke tobacco, cigars, and e-cigarettes.  Almost sixteen percent of them suffer from a chronic illness, asthma being the most common one.

Around nine percent of young adults have asthma because they smoke regularly. Approximately 9% of young adults reported that they were asthmatic.