Decline In Teen Birth Rates Noticed in 2020

Teen birth rates have reduced tremendously around the USA. But healthcare providers of women are still worried about the sharp discrepancies between white teenagers, and teenagers of a different color. According to a report, it was concluded that the birthrate in white teenagers had declined significantly in 29 states, but only a decline in 10 states among black teenagers.

However, it is not surprising but disappointing. The disparities of similar factors are attributed because COVID-19 is believed to hit Hispanic and Black communities so hard. Treatment was done to black, and white adults are not equal throughout the institutions. Hence, treatment done to their children cannot be the same.

Teen Birth Rates

There are a few myriad factors that cause disparities in the teen birth rates of teens that include politics and state policies. Limited access is granted to control birth among communities of color and distrust of the healthcare system.

There is one state that saw a significant increase in teen birth rates. The state is situated in South Carolina, particularly among black women. Dr. Paul Browne is a medical director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine says that it is hard to prevent teen pregnancy and birth. He says that he is very disappointed by the thought that their state is not doing better. By preventing teen pregnancy, women are empowered to do better.

Browne also noted that women’s healthcare services are difficult to access in Southern California. The intensity is the same in rural areas that lack public transportation. It was also concluded by Baldwin that the rural states don’t have doctors that are specialized in the birth date field. However, birth control pills are prescribed by primary doctors. However, some of them are not so equipped to place contraceptives in female bodies that are long-acting.

teen birth rate by state

Studies show that less than 1% of such users become pregnant, which contributed to the decline in teens birth rates. Young girls will not have to remember to take a pill every day. Girls tend to forget things too easily. How will they remember taking their pills daily?

Baldwin also said there is a history of forced sterilization, coercing IUDs, and several other implants on women of varied color. It also led to suspicion of the health system. Women also realized that because of giving birth at an early age, they lost education opportunities. If they understand this at an early age, it will become a game-changer.