Is Dust Mask is Essential for Bike Riding?

Well, Bike is a public medium to travel, and we all love it, but seldom air pollution, dust can spoil the driving adventure. In today’s blog, we will examine how one can protect the face from dirt, pollution by using dust mask while driving. There are different types of attire for bikers available in the Indian supermarket. One of the widely-used attire is stylish “Motorcycle Face Mask” can be used for guarding the Face against getting hurt during the ride. It does not only protect from dust, air pollution yet also protection to the Face of the driver from becoming frozen in chilling weather.

Dust Mask

A new record from the cycle industry into Britain’s development as cycling to work nation exposes the extent to which the UK is encountering the ‘cycling revolution’ asked for by David Cameron in 2013.

The article, authored by Cyclescheme, the UK’s supervising cycle to work provider, unveils the addictive plus contagious nature of commuting by bike, also well as the snowball result of active commuting on the nation’s energy, based on the practices of nearly 10,000 cycle passengers. In extension to this, the survey revealed some fascinating statistics encompassing the comparatively low number of women cycling to trade.

Body copy issues and appearance rated for a considerable percentage of women who are opposed to cycle to work. 28% said they didn’t want to appear at the office moist, 19% said they were too unsure while 25% in total cited unruly hair and helmet hair as the central barrier.

It is often expected that the number of women traveling to work by bike will grow over the next number of years including the ratio of men to women will display closer to the 50:50 split examined in Holland.

woman biker

Overall it is expected that there will be 1.2 million cycle drivers on the roads by 2025. Even if merely 10% of journeys on the streets are performed by bike, it is set to keep the NHS a mountainous £2.5billion.

The advantages of commuting by bike are pretty limitless. In enhancement to decreased health costs, it is assumed that people who cycle to work are excellent employees – less stressed plus taking fewer sick leaves, save money on transport expenses, lead healthier lives – consuming negligible cigarettes moreover less alcohol.

Mr. Grey Giddins, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at BMI Bath Clinic: Those who travel by bike, and therefore exercise frequently, are less likely to smoke plus drink slowly also become ill less, showing a snowball effect on other regions of our health. If we were all to take up cycling to operate, we’d not only see a much better population just an improved market too, with workers showing improved productivity and taking less sick days.

Richard Grigsby, author, Cyclescheme says: The next ten years are crucial to the UK’s extension in cycling to work. This report determines we currently have the energy we need for a ‘cycling revolution’ to take off though we require to capitalize on this plus show people that the benefits exceed many of the obstacles while supporting the government, local councils, and employers to spend in the infrastructure required to maximize on this potential.


With many variations due to being made to cycling infrastructure over a subsequent couple of years across the UK’s major cities, it will be exciting to see how the cycling culture in Britain results.

Usually, the filter in all mask worked well, the best held over 99% of the scrap pollution and the poorest stopped 70% to 80%. Wearing a mask could consequently decrease problems for somebody who previously have breathing or heart problems. So, face masks can be the solution to our problems.

Healthcare workers practice them to defend against airborne communicable diseases such as tuberculosis moreover anthrax. Unlike regular facemasks, respirators shield against both large plus small particles. Overall, respirators are viewed much more potent at preventing the flu virus than usual facemasks. Is Sinus Infection Contagious – Best Home Remedies and Antibiotics

Fascinating the critical reasons for why to wear a face mask throughout the ride are discussed below:


Dust Masks are To Protect your Face from pollution and  Injuries

Dust masks for bike riding are available in different substances including cotton, to provide various levels of protection to the rider’s Face. While driving a motorcycle, the most critical factors to think are pollution and dust. A biker face mask can keep you safe at all moments while driving. You can buy online for biker Face Mask along with Nasal filters that are certain to cater to your necessities.

Dust Mask for bikers

Should take  Warm Breath during Cold Weather

During the cold climate, riding Bike becomes a challenging activity as the chill wind creates the breath to grow very cold. Biker face masks can be practiced in cold weather also enable you to inhale a warm breath through the ride and thus advance motorcycle riding possible in chill circumstances as well.

dust mask types

Grant Protection with Style

Face masks comes with a variety of different and exciting designs, shapes, and even models like Funky, Nature,Impression , and Plain. Riders use skull sketched face masks to choose for a unique terror look of the Face throughout the ride.

dust mask fashion

Can be Paired with the Colors of Motorcycle

You can purchase a face mask that might pair the color of your motorcycle as these masks are accessible in a variety of colors in the warehouse. Face masks meeting to your motorcycle kits can provide a smart look too.

disposable dust masks

Experience a Smooth Ride

As the face mask helps the rider in cold weather to have warm breath, it allows him or her to have a continuously smooth ride, especially for long remote traveling. These face masks come in half Face moreover full Face. In winter times, you can use the full-face masks. Furthermore, half face masks would be an excellent choice in summers.

Now, you can keep yourself healthy and inhale pollution free air by using nasal filters, which is almost invisible and easy to use nose air filter. To avail it, contact clenare and start a healthy living now onwards.