Freemie Breast Pump Reviews 2022-All You Need To Know

Numerous working mothers out there, often ask themselves, “How should I find enough time to pump milk that would be enough for my child?” The birth of a child brings a lot of happiness and responsibilities too. Additionally, you get less time to sleep, and there are tons of other tasks that need to be done in a day.

Most new parents just look after taking a few more minutes of rest that they get every day. If you are also like them, you can do anything to get more rest. Freemie breast pump provides the solution to a time crunch. This pump allows mothers to multitask. That said, it will pump the milk out myself, while you can focus on some other task to get it done.

Now, you will have a few questions in mind that include, How do you do it? What do you need? Any tips to do it successfully? etc. We have got them all covered. All your questions are answered below.

Freemie breast Pump

No need to ditch your clothes with this breast pump

Yes! You read it right, you don’t have to say goodbye to your clothes with this breast pump. You can easily put the cups under the bra and then begin the process. Although the cups will add some bulk to your breasts.

Pumps won’t make a loud sound

Generally, pumps are very annoyingly loud. But you will not have to worry about the sound with this pump. You will be surprised to know how quiet Freemie breast pump is. You can use the collection cups with pumps provided with the kit.

Sometimes we like some features of a product while some other features of some other product. To your delight, Freemie Breast Pump comes with a collection of cups that you can attach to other brand’s connection kits. So for instance if you like the suction speed of another brand you can easily mix and match to make the perfect combination for yourself.

They will not create a hole in your pocket!

Freemie breast pump is one of the most affordable pumps that you will get in the market. Many pumps out there are really expensive making it difficult to purchase for people who are on a tight budget. However, with us, you will not have to think about the prices. At Edgepark Breast Pumps you can order your pump through insurance online at any time during your pregnancy

Freemie Breast Pump is Easy to assemble

Assembling the breast pumps is often the hardest part but that is not the case with this breast pump. You will not have to sit for hours assembling and then taking it apart when you are done. Assembling the pump is rather easy and takes only a few minutes.

How is the comparison done?

Philips AVENT Double

Are you someone who finds breast pumps discomforting? If yes then Philips AVENT Double is perfect for you. With its massaging cushions, you will say goodbye to all the discomfort. Besides, it will help the milk to flow easily.

NUK Expressive Double

This lightweight double electric pump is very portable. Moms can easily carry it with them wherever they want.

Medela pump in style

This pump is perfect for moms who prefer pumping their breast milk on double because of its powerful suction. This is for those moms who are short of time and want to pump their milk in less time.

Ameda purely Yours

This is the cheapest breast pump that you will get on the market. So if you are someone who is on a tight budget then Ameda purely yours is the way to go.

Spectra S2

Spectra S2 comes with a set of batteries so that moms do not have to sit near the outlet during every pumping session. It is difficult to find an open outlet sometimes.

freemie liberty mobile hands free breast pump reviews

Who should buy Freemie Breast Pump?

This breast pump is perfect for all moms who do not like the distracting pumping noise. Moreover, the best part is that moms don’t have to take off their clothes every time they want to pump. All these features make it the best breast pump that suits the needs of all the beautiful moms out there!

Steps to Use Freemie Liberty Breast Pump

You should be fairly familiar with the process of pumping hands-free. Moreover, if you have used an electric pump before, you must be aware of the process.

  1. Wash your hands properly before using a hand pump.
  2. According to the manual provided by Freemie Breast Pump, assemble all its parts.
  3. Put on an appropriate bra to pump breast milk. This is something that new mothers need to purchase since the breasts of most women get significantly bigger after milk comes in them.
  4. Place the flange of the pump inside the bra and secure the flange properly. If it is not fitted properly, it may lead to low milk output and sore nipples. Consult with an expert, if you have any questions related to the flange size.
  5. When you start the pump, ensure that the seal is good and milk is not dripping out. Suction is felt, but you shouldn’t feel pain.
  6. Relax and be stress-free to ensure smooth pumping of milk in adequate quantities.

Hands-free Freemie Breast Pump

Depending on the whistles and bells, the price of breast pumps available in the market can vary greatly. Generally, the standard price charged for a few technologically advanced options is $500. However, there are several other options available as well. While using Freemie hands-free independence breast pump you can move around doing other tasks. It stays hidden under your shirt, but according to Freemie breast pump reviews posted by other women, they can hear the pump being functioned. Also, it is visible through clothes.

The pump will deposit breast milk into either a container or a storage bag available. You can either use the containers as a bottle or can pour the milk into a bottle. You can store the milk bags as it is, in the fridge or freezer.

freemie liberty reviews

DIY Hands-free Pumping

You can be a pro in using a breast pump as it can simply natural breast pump. If you are looking to pump breast milk hands-free, but have a very tight budget, Freemie liberty hands-free breast pump is an affordable choice available for new mothers. It is not necessary to spend money on an expensive hands-free pump to get started.

Another DIY option is to cut a hole in a sports bra. The hole should be of adequate size to fit the flange in it perfectly well. After placing the flange in the hole properly, you will have a hands-free pumping experience.

Tips to Pump Hands-free

When using a Freemie hands-free breast pump, you need to ensure that you have everything required to pump breast milk easily.

  • Have everything ready. Even before the baby is born, you can choose to buy the Freemie breast pump, sanitize the different parts available and practice placing them together. You should also keep a pump bag ready, that fits all parts of the pump if you are required to pump on the go. This preparation will make you feel grateful.
  • You may have to purchase some extra pumping parts. Doing so is helpful when you are running late and don’t get time to clean the parts between two pumping sessions, or when one part breaks when you have to pump on the road. Also, having different sizes of flanges is beneficial since the size of a woman’s breasts may change during their breastfeeding journey. Freemie hands-free deluxe independence breast pump has different flange sizes available.
  • Before a pumping session, you should massage your breasts. Also, creating a relaxing environment helps. Relaxing and massaging the breasts will help increase the flow and amount of milk that you naturally produce. To help with the letdown trying warm compresses will be beneficial on the breasts.
  • Setting a pumping schedule will work best. Even when using a hands-free pump to pump the milk out, there are times of the day that is more convenient for you to pump milk or your body may produce more milk at some point in time during the day. To do this, you can either set up a pumping schedule in your work calendar or set alarms in your phone to ensure that you pump enough milk even when your life gets too busy.
  • Freezing breast milk is the best way to store it, and also you should store it in small batches. This way you can easily prevent milk loss.

The best part? While buying a breast pump you can use the freemie breast pump discount code to get attractive discounts on the printed price.

If you stay worried about how you will get time to feed your milk to the child, the hands-free pumping option is the best to multitask. There is a range of hands-free breast pumps available in the market for you to choose from. With a little practice, you can pump hands-free in no time.