20 Health Benefits of Honeybush Tea You must Know

Tea is the common beverage of people around the world. A morning kicks off by sipping hot tea and reading news. Tea is the best refreshment and research proves that it has health benefits if taken in moderation. Non-caffeine tea is in vogue and Honeybush tea is a name in the non-caffeine group. It is loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants, and phenolics, which takes good care of our health.

Varieties of tea are available in the market and the choice of a tea varies from individual to individual and from one region to another.

The method of tea preparation also differs and the choice of adding milk and sugar to tea also varies. Tea is a simple beverage and anti-oxidant and the choices are infinite in quality and preparation. Green Tea Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

The research proves that the beverage tea has the positive impact on health if consumed as a hot or cold fluid. It takes care of our dental and cardiac health and even wards off cancer.

Day by day, people are becoming health conscious and herbal tea is more in trend and the best alternative to general tea.

Honeybush Tea

Honeybush tea is a South African herbal tea and it is widely grown on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The shrubs of honeybush tea give a sweet smell like honey and so it has derived its sweet name from honey. It has medicinal properties and an excellent health tonic. The leaves and the stems of honeybush are fermented to brew honeybush tea.

Honeybush tea is brewed differently in different places. It is available in a loose pack of leaves and as tea bags. It is brewed as hot and a cold beverage as per the choice of the people.

honeybush tea

The honeybush tea is a package of good health and takes care of our body warding off diseases such as cold and cough to deadly disease like cancer.


Benefits of Honeybush Tea

  1. Antioxidants: It is loaded with a high level of antioxidants and necessary nutrients required by our body. It is infused with vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, and sodium which is the basic requirement of our body.
  2. Non- Caffeine Tea: Honeybush tea is suitable for people who are suffering from anxiety bouts and are advised not to consume caffeine product. Honeybush tea is perfect for them and it has calming properties which take care of patients suffering from a nervous breakdown. It is suitable for consumption as a night beverage because it does not disrupt sleep.
  3. Withdraws Menopausal Symptoms: Women attaining menopause go through a tough time. The medicinal properties of honeybush tea reduce her distress. A cup or two will suffice for women going through menopausal blues.
  4. Boost Metabolism: It increases the metabolism rate of the body and reduces the fat content in our body. It helps in weight loss and maintaining the energy level of our body.
  5. Prevents Cancer: High level of antioxidants present in honeybush tea fights against harmful free radicals which aggravates cancer.
  6. Headaches: Honeybush beverage has calming property and it takes care of unexplained anxieties, mood swings, and headaches.
  7. Stomach Ailments: Honeybush tea comforts gastronomy ailments and discomfort caused by gas and bloating. A cup of honeybush beverage is advised to take along with meals to take care of GI tract.
  8. Skin Ailments: It has anti-inflammatory properties hence it takes intensive care of our skin. And protects us from rashes, sun tans, skin infections, puffiness, and skin irritation. It protects our skin and improves the texture of the skin due to its herbal properties.
  9. Anemia: It takes care of anemia because honeybush tea is loaded with B12. It refreshes and rejuvenates removing tiredness and lethargy in people.
  10. Bone Health: It takes care of our bone health who consumes honeybush tea regularly, warding off osteoporosis and arthritis in advanced age.
  11. Smoothies: Delectable drinks can be prepared of honeybush tea adding fruits and nuts. A good source of energy and essential nutrients.
  12. Heals a Sore Throat: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it works best for a sore throat and throat infection. A lemon or honey added to this hot beverage works well and heals a sore throat and throat infections.
  13. Arrests Bacterial Infections: Honeybush tea arrests the growth of bacteria and harmful yeast preventing our body from several ailments.
  14. Takes Care of Liver Health: The medicinal properties takes good care of liver and protects it from liver ailments.
  15. Improves Cardiac Health: The honeybush tea improves blood circulation and lowers cholesterol level due to the high level of antioxidants present in the drink.
  16. Iced Tea: Honeybush tea can be consumed as an iced tea and the best supplement of cold drinks in hot summers. This herbal tea soothes our system in summers if one cup of iced tea is consumed in hot season. It can replace wine and beer and acts as a refreshing and energizing drink.
  17. Easy Absorption of Present Minerals: The minerals are easily absorbed in the body due to non-caffeine and low level of tannins in honeybush tea.
  18. Healthy Wellness Drink: The herbal and medicinal ingredients of honeybush tea proves to be a wellness drink taking care of overall anatomy and physiology as well as mental wellness.
  19. Relaxing: It relaxes our body, soothing our senses and it is adequate for a sound sleep.
  20. High Content of Zinc and Magnesium: Honey bush tea is packed with zinc and magnesium which takes care of our skin and mental health. Drinking honey bush tea will enhance your mood and glow to your skin.

Honeybush Tea is Proved Good for Health

Honeybush tea is a total package of good health taking care of our physical and mental health. The aroma and the taste of the tea are great and it our quenches mind and soul. It acts as an energy booster energizing our potentials.