How to get rid of Masturabation Habit

Today, lets talk about not only seduction, but about sex education. We will not discuss any weird positions, or promotion of any sex brand or the way you should make love. You will learn the ways How to get rid of masturabation Habit.

We want to talk about an issue that is pretty serious which could affect a man’s lifestyle: masturbation.

You see, I’ll start right away by breaking the ice and tell you clearly and simply that we’ve all masturbated at least once. Everyone does that and everyone will keep doing that. And this is when the dangers of masturbation come.

How to stop Masterburate Addiction

At the age of 14, masturbation is a normal thing, even when it done many times a day. Generally at  14, people discover their sexuality, and for obvious curiosity we all explore our body. There’s nothing wrong about that. But if you’re over 32 years old, and you still masturbate when you take a shower or while fantasizing about your neighbor, then there’s something big wrong with you.

Masturbation can completely destroy your life if done in excess. If you jerk off more frequently, you have become addicted. And unfortunately, you may end up needing your daily dose of jerking off.

There are so many people worldwide who masturbates so much that they have marked masturbation as their favorite hobby. Whenever the person is bored or something, its their time indulge them self into self entertainment.

As time goes by, this person may repeat the same process, not because of sexual appetite, but just as a natural reflex. Just like brushing teeth. When you wake up, you brush your teeth and you never feel like you need an effort to do that. Brushing your teeth every morning is a natural gesture. You get used to it.

The same thing happens with masturbation. If you masturbate everyday, you will adopt this act as part of your daily routine, along with drinking, eating, going to work etc.

The art of seduction requires practice and when we’re lazy, there’s no damn thing we can do about our lives.

how to get rid of masturabation habit

How to stop Masterburate Addiction 

When you practice masturbation obsessively, you KILL all those sexual crutches that can motivate you to work on projects that can sound important. Not to mention seducing women…

How to avoid this disaster?

Stop doing it systematically. Of course.

If you’re already deeply addicted, we would advice that you do it, at worst: once a week. Don’t jerk off like crazy, like a soldier!! Give yourself a specific day when you will give yourself this luxury, we were about to say loyally. But not like a pervert!

But beware!

This is JUST the beginning to heal you from this practice! While you wait this important day, you SHOULD go out and meet people, doesn’t matter who (ideally women of course). If you can quit this bad habit, you will win big. You will take a huge step towards becoming a ladies’ man. Women are not monsters. All you have to do is talk to them and you’ll see how innocent and lovely they are. If you have trouble talking to women, go to the “talking to women: category. You will find at least 20 articles to get started.

During the withdrawal period (from masturbation !), especially if you’re a world-class champion in this category, you will feel a strong need and develop a strong sexual appetite, two elements that will naturally help motivate you to talk to women and try to sleep with them.

Always keep this in mind: Don’t go out to hit on women, go out for the PLEASURE of going out.

Of course, you won’t sleep with a woman as soon as you talk to her. It would be too good to be true. But try to keep yourself busy during the week, and to keep yourself from taking a shower with the “masturbation” option. If you go out to talk to women, with a little panicky feeling, doubled with success, you will easily get a date, and will consequently have a busy schedule.

Therefore, instead of the shower/masturbation package, you will go for the date/seduction package. You will keep your mind and spirit busy, and your hands will do other things than being on a date with your wiener.

All this is for your own good!

Steps to kick away Masturbration habit

How to get rid of Masturabation Habit: First, if you meet people who masturbate as consistently as they breathe, stop immediately. Or you know what? Masturbate tonight, for the last time, and then set yourself a far away date to repeat the act.

Second, we want you to share this article. What we’ve just written is very important. we know that many young people are victims of this social problem. Use facebook, twitter and your emails to send the message across.

Finally, I’d like you to tell me what you think about all this. Once again, I may repeat myself, don’t be shy. If you’re you have the guts to tell when was the last time you masturbated, don’t say it was two years ago.

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