How to Get Shiny Hair Overnight – 7 Wonderful Tips

A regular yet simple hair care routine has always been an integral part of life, but it no longer is effective or sufficient to combat the harsh living conditions of today.  Everyone wants to know how to get shiny hair overnight. Maintaining a smooth, silky, shiny and healthy /strong coat of hair is no longer an easy task, given the hectic daily schedule, high levels of anxiety and stress and the ever-increasing pollution.

how to get shiny hair While none of us has the time for elaborate haircare processes, even off-the-shelf haircare products and tools may not always work wonders.

There are however a few tried and tested haircare routines that can restore the gloss and shine of your dull hair just overnight.  Haircare masks applied overnight work to condition your hair, strengthen hair follicles and cool your scalp nurturing the dry/frizzy hair back to its lustrous and soft texture.

Let’s check out a few such easy formulations that you can prepare right at home.

Yoghurt and Aloe Vera for Hair

We do know that aloe vera is great for the skin, but it is equally wonderful for your hair as well. Rich in moisture content, anti-oxidants and nutrients, aloe vera softens the strands of hair while yoghurt with antifungal/bacterial, conditioning properties works to clean up the scalp leaving your hair nourished and healthy.

Aloe Vera for hair

Simply mix the flesh from a couple of aloe vera leaves and yoghurt together to form a smoothie and apply it on your hair, scalp to tip. Tie up your hair and use a shower cap to lock the moisture in for the night. Wash your hair in the morning in normal/mildly warm water.

Avocado and Egg Yolk for Hair

Loaded with minerals, fat and protein, egg yolk is yet another nourishing ingredient when it comes to hair care.  When combined with the moisturizing properties of avocado, which also imparts a shine to your hair, the mix is quite effective in restoring the tone and texture of your hair.

Egg Yolk for hair

Halve a ripe avocado, mash it, mix with the yolk of one egg and apply the mask evenly on your hair. Tuck your hair in a shower cap and leave the mask on overnight.  Shampoo your hair the next morning for the best results.

Milk and Honey for Hair

An easy no-hassle recipe for lustrous hair is a simple mix of milk and honey, only that you’ll be applying on your hair instead of drinking it up. Honey has antibacterial, antifungal properties by nature and is also an excellent moisturizer.  Milk, with the goodness of protein and vitamins, is known to be a good conditioner.

Honey for Hair

Just mix a couple of spoons of honey into a glass of milk and apply it on your hair before going to bed.  Use a shower cap to retain the moisture overnight. Wash with shampoo in the morning.

You can replace milk with coconut oil as well. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with honey to make a mask. Apply thoroughly on the hair and snap on a shower cap.  Rinsing your hair with plain water will suffice to restore the shine!

Castor Oil – Coconut milk

Using castor oil as a mask may not be that appealing as the oil is quite viscous and has a characteristic odour as well.  Do not ignore the fact that it can heal damaged hair, strengthen hair follicles and boost hair growth as well.  When mixed with nutritious coconut milk, which also promotes hair growth and moisturizes tresses, and essential oils, the resultant mask works wonders to treat your hair.

Castor Oil for hair

Mix castor oil (one-third of a cup), coconut milk (half cup) and few drops of Rosemary or Lavender oil.  Apply and leave overnight. Shampoo and condition, as usual, the next day.

If you do not have the time or patience to even mix up a couple of ingredients to create the mask, don’t worry. You’ll be able to get the same results by using just one ingredient!

Beer for Hair

Is beer good for your hair? Beer is a good source of vitamins and protein as well. It nourishes and moisturizes your tresses keeping in healthy and glossy as well.

Beer for hair

Rinse your hair with beer before going to bed. Tie up your hair and put on a shower cap.  Shampoo and condition your hair the next morning.

Coconut Oil

For most of us, haircare is incomplete without the use of coconut oil, branded variants or pure oil right out of the press. Loaded with natural goodness, the oil not only soothes the scalp but reaches deep to nourish and strengthen hair follicles while adding a natural shine to your hair.

Coconut Oil for hair

Apply generous doses of coconut oil massaging it into the scalp and also all the way to the tips of your hair. You comb your hair to uniformly spread the coat of oil across the hair. Tie your hair up or braid it and wear a bun.  Shampoo your hair the next morning to wash off excess oil.

Olive Oil

Olive oil too is equally effective in adding a shine to your locks of hair, improving the texture as well. However, you must remember to apply the oil only to the tips of your hair and not the scalp. Once done cover/wrap the oiled tips with a light piece of cloth, preferably cotton. Wash with shampoo the next morning.

olive oil for hair

Remember to tuck your hair into a shower cap to retain the moisture from the mask and of course not to stain your pillow covers. How Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits your skin hair and overall health.

Always use a mild shampoo/conditioner so that you don’t strip the natural shine off your tresses.  If possible restrict shampooing to just a couple of days in a week.  Keeping off heat styling tools and blow dryers too can do a lot of good to keep your tresses naturally healthy and lustrous.

Apart from restoring the lustre and health of hair, some of these overnight hair masks can also fit into your hair loss treatment regimen as they tend to strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth.  However, they are no replacements for hair loss treatment offered by qualified professionals. If you are already undergoing treatment for hair loss, do check with your hairc are specialist before you start using these hair masks.

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