WellnessCOVAXIN: DCGI Approves India's First COVID-19 Vaccine

COVAXIN: DCGI Approves India’s First COVID-19 Vaccine

COVAXIN, India’s first Covid 19 vaccine, has received the approval of drug regulator DCGI for Phase 1 and Phase 2 human clinical trials. Human trials will begin in July, as reported by CNBC TV 18. This vaccine has been made by Bharat Biotech.

Bharat Biotech created the COVAXIN vaccine in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV). Isolated SARS-CoV-2 strains were transferred to Bharat Biotech at NIV, Pune to manufacture the vaccine. At present, efforts are being made for the successful testing of this vaccine on the humans. None of the attempts made by other companies has been successful so far. However, some companies are in the final stages of human trials. The strain of the virus was Isolated at NIV, Pune and sent to Bharat Biotech, where this indigenous COVAXIN vaccine was developed.


Chinese Army receives a potential vaccine

On Monday, China’s military received approval to use a potential vaccine Ad5-nCoV of Covid 19. This vaccine has been prepared by the Research Unit of the Military of China and CanSino Biologics. CanSino Biologics has stated that in clinical trials it has been proven that this vaccine is safe. Ad5-nCoV is one of the 8 vaccine candidates created by Chinese companies and researchers which have been approved by Human Trials for the treatment of coronavirus-caused respiratory diseases.

China’s Coronavirus Vaccine

CanSino said in a filing that China’s Central Military Commission approved on June 25 that China’s military could use the Ad5-nCoV vaccine for one year. This vaccine has been prepared by CanSino and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Update from America on Corona Vaccine

In the US, Massachusetts biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics is working on a new research strategy for the creation of Covid-19 vaccine. The company is trying to make such a vaccine that prepares a person’s immunity to fight against the coronavirus.

Corona Vaccine

For this, scientists are using weak and dormant viruses. However, the mRNA-1273 vaccine from Moderna Therapeutics does not use the virus responsible for Covid-19. This vaccine is based on the messenger ribonucleic acid (RNA). Scientists have prepared the genetic code of the corona virus in the lab. After this, a small part of it will be injected into the person’s body followed by injecting coronavirus vaccine. Scientists are hoping that by doing this the person’s immunity will fight against coronavirus.

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