International Day Against Drug Abuse 2020: Know its History and Importance

Every year on 26 June, International Day Against Drug Abuse is celebrated. It was first celebrated in 1987. Its primary purpose is to make people aware of the intoxication and ill effects of it.

On 7 December 1987, the United Nations announced to celebrate International Day of Drug Abuse as the number of users of drugs or substances increased day by day. Through this day, people are made aware of drug abuse and illegal trade. Drug abuse does not only involve the use of drugs such as cocaine, hallucinogens, cannabis, sedative-hypnotics, and opiates, but also the use of drugs such as painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquillizers. According to the World Drug Report 2017 released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), nearly one billion people used drugs at least once in 2015.

International Day Against Drug Abuse

On this day, various communities and organizations all over the world run multiple programs to make people aware of the drug at the regional level. During this, they are told about the harm and dangers caused by the narcotics.

The concern is being raised about the increasing number of drug users worldwide. Due to this, along with the threat to the lives of people, criminal incidents are also increasing. This is a growing concern as drug addicts are now entrapping school and college-going students. Countries around the world are fighting to raise awareness about substance abuse and the illegal drug trade.

International Day against Drug Abuse 2020 Theme

This year the theme of International Day of Drug Abuse is ‘Health for Justice, Justice for Health’ (Health for Justice and Justice for Health). The theme of this time is to do justice to people with their health. History of international drug addiction day

Drugs were also consumed in ancient times. Although it was not intended to pollute society at all, drug use dates back to many centuries. The definition of intoxication has changed in modern times. People have started taking many types of intoxication, including alcohol, drugs and heroin. Apart from this, there are many types of intoxication. Children are also getting attracted to drugs. This can adversely affect the coming generation.

Along with this, illegal smuggling is also happening due to high consumption. Given this, the United Nations introduced a resolution in 1987, which sought to make the society drug-free. It was passed unanimously by all countries. After this, on 26 June 1987, International Day of Drug Addiction was celebrated for the first time and then on 26 June every year.

Importance of International Day Against Drug Abuse

The primary objective of this day is to get rid of drug use in all children and adults. Also, drug trafficking has to be curbed, so that the future of children remains bright and golden rather than bleak. On this day, awareness campaigns against drugs are conducted in all countries around the world. Strict laws have been made against it in India too. However, this needs to be tightened completely. More strict steps need to be taken for social empowerment and making society drug-free.

Usually, in today’s time, everyone knows about the harm caused by intoxication, but then he takes it with great passion. The youth consumes many poisonous things, including alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. He gets so much power of these things that he can hardly live without it. Not only men, but women also consume drugs. The number of which is continuously increasing. The main reason for this is social and mental stress.

Symptoms of a Drug User

If someone does not leave their rooms for a long period of time, behave strangely, have trouble in breathing and also their eyes look red, then it can be a sign of drug intoxication. Of course, nowadays people mostly prefer to be alone, but if they look at you in a way different than what is normal, then it means something is wrong.

When a person starts getting intoxicated, he starts feeling hungry more than the usual dose. So he starts eating more than his diet.

Drug User

Drug intoxication causes damage to the body from the inside, which causes weakness in the person. In such a situation, he gets tired even after doing a little work.

Drinking habit and intoxication are two different things. Many times, a man or a woman habitually takes out a cigarette and smokes it and that is completely normal. Whereas if someone has a drug addiction, then he or she will keep on smoking two and more cigarette at one time. They won’t be able to stop themselves from wanting it. The only way out of this situation is to get drug rehab treatment at the earliest.

Drug Withdrawal

Unless you want to, no one else will be able to get rid of your intoxication. First of all, make up your mind that you want to quit the addiction and then the process will become super smooth.

It will be challenging to keep up with your words in the beginning, but keep your mind strong. Repeat the reasons for quitting addiction again and again in your mind. If possible, write it in a place where you are frequently seen.

The patient should control the habit and quit the drug itself.  He or she should seek help from the doctor and counsellor to reduce the urge to indulge in drugs again and cure their addiction. Counsellors have a much more significant role in the treatment than general physicians.

drug addiction

Treatment of Drug Abuse

Generally, the course of action is case-specific and it depends on factors such as the substances involved, the frequency of the abuse, the patient’s condition at the time of entering the program. Treatment should be continuously reviewed to check the patient’s progress and revise as necessary.

Treatment for any previously encountered or currently encountered mental illness should also be included. Due to the symptoms of characteristic withdrawal of each drug, the possibility of a relapse is very high. Therefore, close and careful monitoring of the patient is extremely important.

Several treatment plans can be followed for drug abuses Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Seek the help of a behavioural counsellor
  • Take your medicines regularly
  • Use the medical devices and applications which track your progress
  • Keep yourself in a productive environment and fill your mind with happy thoughts
  • Maintain a diary where you can write down your goals in life. Read it several times and get motivated to leave your addiction

Nothing is impossible. Make up your mind and achieve your goals. Best Wishes!