Choosing A Massage Therapy Program? 8 Things to Know

In this contemporary world where there is a pharmaceutical solution for almost every problem, sometimes the most refreshing thing that one can do is go back to basics. Something as simple as massage therapy can have natural healing and relaxing effects. Which explains why more and more individuals are turning in to massage therapy program.

If you have, therefore, decided to pursue massage therapy as a profession, you are in luck. Because individuals are opting for holistic methods like massage therapy first to avoid the harsh effects of chemicals. As the practice of massage therapy continues to become mainstream and more popular throughout the world, learning opportunities have also increased tremendously, which gives students more options than ever before to choose a massage therapy school.

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Massage therapists can train in both modern and traditional modalities. And if you are intrigued by the idea of becoming one, here are some tips to help you choose a suitable massage therapy program:

Consider the requirements for the Massage Therapy Program

Different massage therapy programs in different schools will have varying requirements and regulations. The requirements for becoming a trained massage therapist also vary from one state to the next. For this reason, you must look up the educational requirements of each massage therapy program before you finally settle on a decision. Generally, most states require applicants to have attained a high school diploma or GED.

You must also complete the necessary coursework, as well as pass both the theory and practice of oriental and western bodywork therapy to pass. You should also keep in mind that your state may have continued education requirements for those seeking to advance. If you want to maintain your licensure, pick a program that can also cater to your continued education requirements.

The cost matters

Obviously, you want to enroll in a program that you can afford and one that can give you value for your investment. Most programs charge for each hour of education. If your state has no educational requirement for enrollment, you can opt for a short massage therapy course to cut costs. And then you can advance when you can afford the comprehensive package.

Specialization in the Massage Therapy Program

Before you decide to choose a massage therapy program, be sure to weigh your specialization carefully. Although there are general concepts that you will learn, you may want to choose a program that concentrates on a particular modality. Some areas that you can choose to specialize in include Swedish massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, aromatherapy, and so on. If there is a particular area that you want to concentrate on, be sure to select an educational facility that offers courses in your preferred area.

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Do Your Research before becoming a Massage Therapist

It is imperative that before you enroll in a chiropractic massage therapy program to do thorough research. Consider your future career intentions and your expectations from this job and do in-depth research on the programs that suit your career best. Also make sure you gather all the necessary information about the school like their credentials and faculty experience as well as the quality of the program and the financial aids, courses offered by the institution etc.

Additionally, read all the official information provided on the school’s website and their media pages. Learn about the job placement statistics before you dive into a program.


Whether or not the school that you plan to attend is accredited or not is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting a massage therapy program. Going to an accredited school ensures that your school has been examined by an accrediting agency and the school’s curriculum, financial standings, and facilities are assessed to meet the standards sets by the Department of Education. This evaluation of a school facility means that the students are provided with high-quality education and accredited schools mostly offer financial aids to the students.

Schedule Options

By the time a typical massage student goes to school they already have established a standard of living. So before you choose a program to beware of the time frame that you might have to invest in the program. Getting to know the schedule options is required in such cases to ensure that your other obligation does not interfere with your studies and practice outside of school.

Not all massage school offers schedule options. So if you have other obligations and engagements out of school make sure that your program offers scheduling options that help you keep a balance between your studies and commitments. And you are able to complete the program within a time frame that is justifiable for you.

Career Services in Massage Therapy School

You have chosen a fastest massage therapy program and are planning to start on your studies. But before you do that, make it a point to talk to the career service assistance at the schools that you are considering to take up a program in.

Get to know how much help do the students get in finding a job after they graduate and the quality of support provided. Many massage therapy schools out there post a selected few notices in their bulletin board and call it a day.  While others dedicatedly work with their students and graduates to ensure that they land in a quality job. Make sure your school is not one of the former kind before choosing a program in that school.

How Long is the Massage Therapy Program

Before you delve into a massage therapy program consider the likelihood of burnouts in the profession. The career prospect is very physically demanding and it can take as little as 5 months to complete the program. Performing a massage requires a considerable amount of core strength. A full-time massage schedule involves 5 to 8 hours of work each day which involves a rigorous physical exercise.

The intense stress on muscle and joints turns out to be quite a taxing job resulting in limiting the number of messages that you can perform a day and thereby limiting your income. Due to this reason the burnout rate in this field is extremely high. People who perform above 40 hours a week tend to burn out more quickly.


So if you have decided to make a career in massage therapy for your professional growth. Hopefully, this article assisted you by providing some insights imperative to choose a suitable massage therapy courses. Make note of the considerations mentioned above and make your decision a wise one.