Do Morning Banana Diet Weight Loss Plan Really Works?

Do you ever hear of the morning banana diet for weight loss? As we know bananas are high in calories. It seems strange but you can lose weight by eating bananas every day.

The morning banana diet was invented by Japan’s Osaka pharmacist Mrs. Sumiko Watanabe for her husband Hitoshi Watanabe. Her husband lost dramatically 37 pounds weight in just a few months. After getting these amazing results, he promoted the banana diet writing it on Japan’s largest social networking site, Mixi. Can you believe, over 730,000 morning banana diet books were sold in the year 2008?

Morning Banana Diet

In the morning banana diet, you can have bananas with normal water or a glass of milk for the breakfast. No restrictions are on lunch and dinner food choices. Only one or two bananas are allowed as a snack between meals, but no other desserts are permitted regularly. Dinner is allowed before 8 pm, as there must be a two-hour gap between dinner and bedtime. Also, read about the watermelon diet plan for faster weight loss results.

Does Morning Banana Diet Work?

The morning banana diet plan helps you get habituated with healthy eating patterns after following it for a week.

Since bananas are rich in nutrients and have enough calories to keep you strong, you don’t have to worry about feeling sick or weak.

When the calorie burn is more than the caloric expenditure, you lose weight naturally.  Throughout the day more calories you burn than you intake will help you in losing weight. This is the same and works with any other low-carb diet like the military diet plan or the keto diet or the gm diet.

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What to Eat on the Banana Diet Plan to Lose Weight?

There is not a many strict diet routine in the morning banana diet like other weight loss plans. You just need to have some minor changes in your food and your daily routine.


For breakfast, you should eat raw 4 small bananas. You can have a small cup of oats in case you feel hungry.

Lunch & Dinner

Avoid rice and fried foods for lunch and dinner.  Else there are any restrictions on foods that can be had during the lunch and dinner times.

banana diet weight loss

Morning Banana Diet Routine

Don’t Rush! Always chew your food slowly rather than just swallowing it as a whole. This will help in the digestion of the food easily.

Have Green tea daily an hour before or after your meal.  It is an excellent source of antioxidants, which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally.

Tea, coffee, and diet soda are allowed, but they should be limited to the minimum.

Don’t stuff yourself. Always, get up from the dining table with an 80% full stomach.

Milk products are a big NO. Normal water is preferred as it doesn’t contain any calories.

Say no to chilled or hot water. The water must be at room temperature only. You should drink water in small sips and not at a time.

Try to avoid ice creams, potato chips, donuts, or any fast food.

You can also have air-popped popcorn for snacks as it contains low calories.

Occasionally you can have some fresh fruits if you’re still feeling hungry after dinner.

Get early to bed. Make sure you maintain a gap of at least 2-3 hours between your dinner and bedtime.

Exercising while on the Banana Diet?

You can perform exercises even while on the diet. Don’t push yourself too hard. Do some mild jogging or cardio exercises and that would be good enough to keep your weight low.

Banana Diet for Weight Loss Results

Most people going through a morning banana diet lost weight, because of the reduced calorie intake and good techniques.

Any healthy diet that helps to lose weight is always good. Being overweight can create lots of health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. As you see the morning banana diet is very simple. It’s a diet plan for people who are too overweight and need to lose weight around 5 to 35 pounds.  It is a diet plan we all can add to our food routine without making any big changes. We welcome you to share your opinions on weight loss and we are also eager to know your suggestions.