12 Amazing Reasons To Have Plants At Home. Know Why

Modern cities are synonymous with concrete jungles. Trees cannot survive amidst the pollution the cities bear them to. Most of the houses do not have sufficient space for a garden as well. So, multiple nature lovers cultivate small-sized plants in small pots within the four walls of their houses. Such plants are known as indoor plants.

It has been scientifically proven that keeping plants within the homes entails a host of benefits. Such indoor plants boost physical and mental health to a great extent. Let us find out the importance of growing plants at home.

Plants at Home

Helps Fight Cold

The University of Agriculture in Norway has researched the benefits of keeping plants at home. Their studies suggest that such indoor plants help people fight cold and cough. Plants at home enhance the humidity level and diminish dust particles. They also help in significantly dealing with sore throats, coughs, and other cold-related problems.

Improves Cognitive Function

Indoor plants help people think better. They contribute towards the following benefits:

  • Improving concentration
  • More Attention
  • Better memory

Texas A&M University has experimented with this aspect. The scientists revealed that two people were put in a room containing two potted plants. Two other men were put in another room, with two sculptures. People who were in the same room as the potted plants were found to be more creative than those in the same room with sculptures. This experiment proved that indoor plants play a significant role in boosting creativity.

Plants at Home Improves Mood

Indoor plants have a significant contribution to the mood of the owners. The benefits of indoor plants are as follows:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Enhancing a sense of stability
  • Enhancing a feeling of calmness
  • Improve overall well-being

plants improve mood

Scientists of the Washington State University had conducted a stress test on a group of people. Some members of that group had spent some time in a plant-filled room. Others had no exposure to plants.

The result had been an eye-opener. The systolic blood pressure of people who had spent some time in the plant-filled room had dipped by four points. On the contrary, the systolic blood pressure of people who had not been exposed to plants had dipped by two points. This result had proved that indoor plants had a significant role to play in bringing down blood pressure.

Combating Pollution

Plants have a characteristic feature known as phytoremediation. This feature refers to the capability of a potted plant to remove chemicals from the air. A scientist at the University of Georgia had tested several varieties of house plants. The results showed that many potted plants could eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air. The asparagus fern and the English Ivy are a few classic examples of plants that eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air.

Many plants at home effectively remove toxic gases from the surrounding air. Research conducted by NASA proved that several house plants removed most of the toxic gases from the air within 24 hours. A plant is needed for every 10 square yards of the floor within the house to ensure considerable detoxification.


The size of a plant, the number of toxins, and the size of the room determine its ability to purify the air. Some potted plants like Dracaena have been known to remove acetone. The leaves need to be kept dust-free so that the plant can combat pollution. The plants need to be left in the sunlight periodically.

Promote Healing and Recovery

Plants at home provide a feeling of sanctuary. Research conducted by scientists at Kansas State University proved that people who had lots of indoor plants at home needed fewer painkillers while recovering from surgery. Aloe vera heals sunburns.

Therapeutic Contributions

Potted plants at home are reputed for their therapeutic contribution. Studies conducted by the American Horticultural Therapy Association(AHTA) proved that potted plants help the owners regain lost skills. People who are surrounded by potted plants also have better problem-solving skills. Psychology students have proved that people who were surrounded by plants had a longer attention span than others in a bare environment.

Horticulture therapy involves using plants to promote an organized recovery process. Scientists claim that horticulture therapy helps people overcome tremendous obstacles or difficulties. Studies reveal that having plants in the office makes people feel soothed and relaxed.

Improved Productivity

Indoor plants contribute to improved productivity. As a part of an experiment, the performance of a few employees was measured. It was compared to the performance of employees in an office filled with plants. The performance of employees in a plant-filled office was found to be way better. The brain scan of several employees proved that people who were surrounded by indoor plants were able to concentrate better.

Provides a Sense of Achievement

Studies suggest that people who have potted plants at home and care for them have a better sense of achievement. They feel a sense of achievement in watering and nurturing a plant.

Makes the Rooms Comfortable

Potted plants moderate the room temperature and help to reduce noise. When used to shade a sunny window, they screen sunlight from filtering into a room.

feng shui plants for office

Provide Job Satisfaction

A survey conducted in 2002 proved that employees who were surrounded by plants in their workplace were more committed to their work. They also had better job satisfaction.

The phrase “A greener life is a better life” has been scientifically proven. Most of the potted plants at home decrease fatigue and keep dry skin at bay. They are even safe for animals. Potted plants like peace lily help to reduce cigarette smoke. The soothing power of plants ensures a good night’s sleep. The green backdrop of potted plants wards off tiredness and promotes alertness.

Potted plants also remove formaldehyde from the hair. Formaldehyde is a common cause of headaches. Elimination of this trigger brings down headaches to a great extent. Children who have been brought up in a room full of potted plants are at a lower risk of allergies. Also, potted plants at home promote quieter living. With so many benefits, potted plants are a must-have at home.