Pregnancy and Coronavirus: Tips to stay safe from COVID-19

Pregnancy in itself is quite a daunting experience in a woman’s life. The presence of pregnancy and coronavirus together in the equation has made matters only worse. Not only the anxiety levels multiply, but the pandemic poses a high chance of the children being born with some congeniality issues. The COVID-19 is known to affect the immunity of the human body, and many parts of immune system are enhanced while others are suppressed during pregnancy. Hence, pregnant women need to be extra cautious during this period.

Pregnancy and Coronavirus

We know that the novel coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets and when a covid-19 positive person sneezes or coughs, it leads to the spread of the disease. Researchers are brainstorming day and night to find a cure for the virus and the ways in which it is affecting the lives of pregnant women.

What do the Researchers Say For Pregnancy and Coronavirus?

As per the reports from Wuhan, the city where the first outbreak of pandemic was noticed, the women in their third trimester who were found corona positive gave birth to perfectly healthy babies. The women had developed acute pneumonia, and the doctors feared that it might affect the unborn babies in their worm.

The reports also stated that the chances of the pregnant women passing on the disease to their kids are very low, and to date, there haven’t been any cases of fetal malformations owing to the presence of coronavirus in the mother’s body. Also, as the fetus grows in size, it presses against the other body parts like the stomach and the lungs, which in turn results in less oxygen going to the lungs and thereby affecting the mother’s respiratory system and making them more prone to the infections.

pregnancy and childbirth

What are the precautionary measures to be taken?

Almost every country has issued strict measures to be followed in order to combat against the novel coronavirus, and the measure which you must follow is social distancing yourself from people. Pregnant women should thus avoid going out in public to run errands and should maintain social distance in order to contract the virus.

Even if, due to some unavoidable conditions, they need to step out, then they should make it a point to wear masks and wash their hands as soon as they are back home. They should avoid touching their nose, eyes, and mouth. Also, they should carry a hand sanitizer with them, to prevent the virus from entering their body.

If your nearby shops have run out of sanitizers, then you can make a homemade hand sanitizer right within the comfort of your home by following the mentioned steps.

What if you still become a victim of the virus?

The coronavirus has mutated in many versions, and each has different sets of symptoms. It is quite difficult to rule the possibility of being affected by the virus just because you don’t have the ideal symptoms like cold, cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. However, if you face any of these symptoms, rush to get a test done. If the results come out as positive, please admit yourself to the nearest quarantine center.

Many governments has prepared special pregnancy wards for pregnant and infected women. It has also issued notices on how to take care of pregnant women in the wake of this pandemic. You have nothing to worry about. Ultimate care will be taken at the quarantine centers where both you and your baby will be perfectly fine.

The Precautionary steps During Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience immunologic and physiologic changes which might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infections, including COVID-19,” Public health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wrote.

Regular Online Checkups

Carry out regular online checkups to rule out the possibilities of any harm reaching your unborn kid. During pregnancy, you need to take the utmost precaution, and regular checkups must be conducted to keep a track of the baby’s health.

how to take care of pregnant women

With the outspread of pandemic, it is quite difficult as well as risky to go out and meet a doctor for a physical checkup. Rather connect with your doctor on an online platform and consult the doctor if any health calamities arise.

Do not touch your face

With your immune system already low, you should rule out any probable path of the virus entering your body. Your hands are exposed to numerous germs and upon touching your face; you allow the germs a passage to enter into your body.

Well, you never know that the germs might even contain the novel corona virus. In such a scenario, you should avoid touching your face and wash your hand regularly with hand wash.

Get an adequate amount of sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep is super important. A normal human body requires eight hours of sleep whereas a pregnant lady requires a minimum of ten hours of sleep. Sleep properly as only proper rest and eating citrus fruits can help to boost the immune system in such a scenario.

pregnancy and covid-19

While being pregnant, you cannot take any external supplement to help you increase your immunity as any side effect might adversely affect your to-be born. Do not compromise with your health and give your body exactly what it is asking of you.

Balanced diet

With the immune system dipping during pregnancy, nothing can help to boost the immune system better than having a balanced diet. Pregnant women are more prone to getting affected by the virus via food-borne sources.

diet for pregnant women

Hence, the expecting mothers must have a nutritious diet. Remember, your child eats whether you eat. You should always opt for a diet for pregnant women as it provides the required nutrients to both the baby and the mother. Hence, without any further ado, get yourself a balanced diet chart and start eating strictly as per it.

The Final Words

If you are planning to join your office soon after the pandemic ends and your baby is a few months old, then make sure to follow these steps to get your workplace ready the COVID-19. With all these precautionary tips at your disposal, we recommend you to follow each of them properly.