6 Symptoms Of A Weak Immune System

Stomach Pain

If you always suffer from a stomach infection, bloating, diarrhea, nutrient-rich, and constipation then you really need to see your doctor.


Cold or Runny nose is your regular friend and it takes more than 4 days to be alright. It is showing the sign that your immune system needs care.

Slow Healing

If your wounds don't heal fast, that means there is some problem because nutrient-rich blood is not being supplied to heal the wound. The healing depends on a healthy immune system.

Always Tired

Feeling tired and sleepy all the time even after 8 hours of sleep. If you feel like sleeping then your primary goal is to take care of your health.


American Psychological Association has said that long term stress affects the immune system and reduces the white blood cells in the body which weakens the immune system.

Prone to infections

If you are prone to infections, chronic sinus or develop pneumonia twice a year then you actually need to work on yourself.

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