7 Highest Quality Proteins To Eat Everyday 


Sprouts are filled with high fibre and protein mixing jaggery in sprouts can increase your haemoglobin level.


Eating eggs everyday can be beneficial for your health , this can be the best start for a morning breakfast filled with high quality protein and easy to make.


Lentils are rich in protein like red lentils ,yellow lentils and toor lentils will fill your meal with a healthy diet and give you all required protein for the day.


Some people may not find oats tasty but it leaves a good effect on your body that can give you energy and it's easy to make and digest.

Dry Fruits

We often forget dry fruits but they can make your evening snack filled with high quality protein like Almonds, cashews, makhana etc.works wonders for the body.


This list cannot be complete without milk, milk fulfils the protein demands of our body and makes our bones healthy.


How can we forget fish, this contains the highest amount of protein even doctors suggest to eat fish in knee pain aur any bone related problem.

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