Menstrual Cramps?
Yoga is the Solution

Women face severe pain during their periods they even don't feel like walking, here are some yoga asana which can make their periods as comfortable as a normal day

Poorna Titli Asana helps to stretch inner thigh muscles and tones muscles of the pelvic floor.

One of the most important ones is Chakki Chalanasana which helps relieve constipation and gas which will automatically relieve the pain.

Ushtrasana which is helpful in the menstrual cycle and also relieves the pain in the back during the periods.

Bending and stretching of spines during periods helps a lot in relieving pain and this is none other than the marjari aasan which can also be practised during periods. 

Shashankasana helps to tone the pelvic muscles and helps to give complete relief.

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