Millie Bobby Brown Insane Workout Routine

Millie Bobby Brown undergoes a very intense bodyweight workout six days a week. Her workout includes squat jumps, squat walks, squat pulses, and plank hops.

The 18year old British actress and producer gained popularity by playing the character Eleven in the Netflix science fiction drama series stranger things.

Netflix's Stranger Things helped her earned her first Emmy nomination in 2017 at just 13 years old.

Stranger things star has millions of followers on her Instagram handle because of her yoga and fitness updates.

As she is a morning person she follows the 'early to bed and early to rise routine '.

Yoga encourages Enola Holmes Star to connect with her breaths and helps bring her to a calm state of mind.

Millie Bobby Brown has been training Muay Thai for a long time and has really become quite fond of the Martial Arts.

Millie Bobby Brown makes sure to eat lots of high protein foods to keep her muscles growing as she grows up. She drink lots of water to keep herself hydrated.

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