Trypanophobia : Fear of Needles? 9 Reasons to Use Vein finder

Trypanophobia is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving hypodermic injections or needles. Fear of needles is a common form of anxiety in people from all walks of life. In some cases, you may be very close to having a needle during medical procedures that you need to inject or remove. Although the needle is generally tolerable in terms of physical pain, the idea that a small, sharp object impales the skin is the cause of the anxiety. In other cases, children have a bad idea of ​​what a needle is and what it does, which makes it more psychic than physical.

However, the fear of needles (aichmophobia: fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, a pointing finger) is a common reality to many. As much as possible, most people will avoid an injection if they can help. Being points repeatedly, because the vein is not visible, it is even worse, but it is also a little more common. Although it is not the doctor’s fault that he can not locate the vein, patients would prefer to be hit once with a needle.

fear of needles

How to overcome the Fear of Injections

Following are some of the methods you can use to overcome this trypanophobia.

  • Bring a friend or family member along, this will boost your confidence.
  • Distract yourself from the injection site
  • Relax your mind and heart.
  • Try some medications like pain killer and anxiolytic.
  • Consider therapy or counseling


This type of needle phobia can be minimized by using vein finder device.  Here is the answer vein finder will help you out.

What is Vein finder?

Vein viewers or vein finder technology is used by medical staff who have trouble locating a vein. These devices can now use a technology that illuminates the veins to make it easier to locate and access. At the same time, patients do not have to worry about the complete history of the “multiple needle points”.

Vein Finder

With vein finder you will not miss Needles

Occasionally, doctors and nurses may be asked to identify the vein, especially without the help of technology. There may be minimal cases of venous loss, which can not be harmful in general injection procedures, but can be painful if there are more spikes. With vein detectors, doctors, nurses and medical staff have a clearer view and access to the veins so you do not lose the use of needles.

No more needle pricks

With vein detection technology, you can say goodbye to finding a vein that is visible to the naked eye. Although the medical staff is adequately trained for this procedure, there may be very few cases in which more than one needle stick is required to access the vein. Venous prospectors may ask medical personnel to select the nearest and simplest vein. It’s faster and easier. 8 Foods that Clean Arteries and Veins Naturally

Secure infrared technology

You might think that this technology is one of the types of X rays that produce harmful radiation. If used frequently or in patients with poor health, it can cause serious health problems. The venous research technology uses harmless infrared to examine the skin under the skin and draw the veins without damaging the body.

Vein Viewer

Vein Finder is a Portable device

For medical personnel, doctors and nurses, the venous detection device is very portable and easy to carry. Thanks to its simple functionality and its simple mechanisms, use and transport are not as complicated as other medical devices that must be well positioned in clinics.

HD image of the veins

As if it were not enough to see a clear outline of the veins, the venous scanners offer an even better technology for injections and needle extractions. Venus researchers have the ability to see HD images of veins. In addition to identifying accessible veins, it is possible to perform an early assessment of the vein using high resolution images.

It can Find the deep veins

If the detection of deep veins in the skin is more difficult, the venous detection device can help you and much more. These vein viewers can find cores from a depth of 0.4 inches or up to 10 mm. This is useful for older patients with potentially difficult to locate veins. It also makes it easier for medical staff to choose a bigger and healthier vein.

Comfort and patient satisfaction

Patients are the main concern of medical personnel, doctors and nurses. Not only your well-being, but also your well-being are priorities. The use of the venipuncture device offers practicality and satisfaction to patients who have to undergo a needle procedure.

Precision instrument

Accuracy is an important factor, especially for medical devices, regardless of the degree of medical care provided. As for the vein finder, the luminous mechanisms used in the device allow to be precise and even painless because the needles have less perforations.

Elegant design

For doctors who choose the vein finder, the device is elegant and is designed to be both medical and intelligent.

With this tool, medical procedures performed with needles are greatly facilitated for medical personnel and the patient. The medical staff has easier and faster access to the veins which can be difficult to detect with the naked eye. Patients should not pass tests with long needles, especially those that have a general fear, even a profound fear, from being stung by one.


Vein Finder is a useful technology that simplifies many medical processes. This can make a noble cause such as easier and more popular blood donation, and help parents convince their children that the piercing of a needle is not so painful.