Ways to Quit Smoking

 SMOKING KILLS! It is commonly written on every pack of cigarettes. But smoking cigarettes is most habitual thing in the world.  People of all generation are commonly addicted towards smoking or chewing tobacco. There are lots of questions wandering in our mind because we don’t know the actual reason why this bad habit is hard to quit. Also there are so many examples that people have come out of the hell of smoke by determination and by taking some not so hard measures. So here we are to discuss some most common and easiest ways to quit smoking.

ways to quit smoking

  • It is not possible to quit smoking immediately but try to quit it by reducing the habit of smoking. Daily cut the number of cigarettes by one till you reach zero.
  • Never lose your confidence, Always say no to smoking. Give yourself a chance.
    Quit when you are in a good mood.
  • Get an envelope or piggy bank. every time you feel like a buying a pack, place the cigarette money in that envelope and deposit it monthly in a “quit smoking” bank account of yours.
  • Make a habit of early morning running or take a brisk walk. Also practice your deep breathing this will keep your mind and body fresh and help to reduce the addiction of quit smoking.
  • For quitting smoking you can also take help of nicotine chewing gum. Nicotine chewing gum also proved helpful for quitting smoking.
  • In homeopathy, Sulphur named medicine is available. Sulphur 200c also known by dilution. Take one drop of Sulfur 200c on your tongue on an empty stomach. By consuming this medicine daily, you can easily quit smoking in 3-4 days.
  • Whenever your desire of smoking then try drink a glass of water or wash your face. You can also reduce the smoking urge by brushing your teeth.

no smokingQuitting smoking is difficult but not impossible. Keep yourself motivated by making short term goals and plans for quitting smoking. Take Your time to quit and after that make sure not to take any single drag. If you are successful for not smoking for 24 hours then reward yourself for motivation because you deserve it.

By using these simple Ways to Quit Smoking, you can happily enjoy addiction free life.

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