Egg vs Paneer, Which is the Better Source of Protein?

Protein is a vital part of your diet. It is crucial for muscle building and ultimately weight loss as well. Most of the time when someone tries to get fitter, they are suggested to increase the intake of protein foods to lose weight and body-building. Protein diet plays a significant role in building muscle cells. And replacing your body fat with muscles is a crucial part of getting a fit and fine body.

Egg or Paneer

Paneer and Eggs are the two most popular sources of Protein. Your diet is incomplete without the intake of Paneer or Egg, especially if you are trying to build a muscular body. However, the nutrient content is not the only reason behind the popularity of Paneer and Egg as protein sources. These are easy to consume and offer several other nutrients including high-protein.

While Paneer could be the only source of protein for vegetarians, non-vegetarians might get confused about egg or protein, which is better. Therefore, we shall be discussing which is the better source of protein between Eggs and Paneer.

Nutritional Content in Egg

Eggs are considered to be a rich source of protein and can show significant results if taken regularly as per your body-building needs. However, Eggs also have fats almost equivalent to protein, and then come other nutrients in different proportions.

You can prepare your Egg in the form of several dishes to make the intake interesting. Yes! Protein consumption is not boring at all with Eggs. You can boil your Eggs to add them to the salad or simply prepare scrambled Eggs. The Egg yolk is often avoided as it is rich in fat content; however, it is a good source of protein.


Nutritional contents in 1 boiled Egg which is around 45 grams are as follows:

  • 5.5 grams of Protein
  • 4.2 grams of total fat
  • 24.6 milligrams of Calcium
  • 0.8 milligrams of Iron
  • 87.6 milligrams of Phosphorus
  • 5.3 milligrams of Magnesium
  • 60.3 milligrams of Potassium
  • 0.6 milligrams of Zinc
  • 162 milligrams of Cholesterol

Nutritional Content in Paneer

Also known as Cottage cheese, Paneer is a popular dairy product in India. It is a highly versatile source of protein that can be consumed in several ways like salad or curry. Besides being rich in protein content, Paneer offers high calcium as well. It also offers other nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin D12, riboflavin, and selenium. In a nutshell, Paneer is wholesome body-building food.

Intaking 40 grams of Paneer can offer you:

  • 7.54 grams of protein 
  • 5.88 grams of Fat
  • 4.96 grams of Carbs
  • 37.32 micrograms of Folates
  • 190.4 milligrams of Calcium
  • 132 milligrams of Phosphorus
  • 50 milligrams of potassium


Quick Comparison: Egg vs Paneer

Egg and Paneer both have similar nutritional contents that make them the best sources of protein and substitutional to each other if you are non-vegetarian. However, if you are a vegetarian then you can simply rely on Paneer without any doubts on your mind.

In fact, Egg and Paneer can provide you with extra nutrients like vitamin D and B-12 that are rarely found in other natural sources.


When it comes to Egg vs Paneer protein, both are equally rich sources of protein and you can include these items in your diet on alternate days. However, it is important to ensure that your protein consumption is as per your body’s needs. If you are more focused on  weight loss and shaping your body, then both products can help you get the desired results.

If you are a vegetarian and not interested in eating a lot of Paneer then you can simply add lentils and nuts to your diet.