6 Best Weight Loss Foods for Healthier Life

Food is what builds you and can damage your body too at the same time, if not chosen or eaten wisely. This is a simple fact that healthy eating is what leads to a happy life. Try to add healthy weight-loss foods into your diet to burn more calories and shed pounds.

It is always advised to eat healthy and nutritious foods but sometimes this goes a lot more difficult because we are more habitual of eating fast foods or foods with a lot of fat and high-calorie content. How To Lose Belly Fat In a Week

Weight Loss Foods

Here, Let’s describe some weight loss foods combinations which will make your life a lot simpler in ways of healthy eating.

First I am going to summarize some of the most protein-rich- low-fat-low-carb foods which when combined with desired ingredients will end up making something you will call just fabulous… You can also read about a watermelon diet plan for faster weight loss and getting rid of excessive toxins and impurities in your body.

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The bottom line is-

Most of us cannot live without eating tasty food and this being a major reason for an unhealthy diet routine, I am quite trying to break the myth that tasty cannot be healthy, hope you are with me on this!

Things to include in Weight Loss Foods

Eggs- 6gm per Egg

eggs , recipe , perfect omelette

The world’s cheapest and healthiest protein-rich food, versatile, and low on the carb with branched-chain amino acids

If you want to discover what you can create with these power-packed orbs, you are at the right place. I made a whole bunch of Egg recipes, which you’ll love preparing. They are easy, quick, healthy, and delicious.

If you are a fan of omelets, try this Spanish omelet aka frittata.frittata

Greek Yogurt-23g per 8oz serving

So Greek yogurt has gained popularity over the years, it is not because of its name but of course because of its extra nutritious and healthy content.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a strained yogurt that is done using a cheesecloth. This is a simple process that removes most of the whey and what we are left with is yogurt with high protein density than a regular one, it has casein protein in it.

You can buy it from any local stores or if you want you can make your own!

Cottage Cheese- 28g per one-cup serving

Cottage Cheese is very inexpensive at the same time, it’s so delish! It can be eaten raw or can be converted into cream cheese and can be used as a spread for many sandwiches or other desirable desserts.

cottage cheese


Wanna know, How to make cottage cheese at your home? Let’s see here

Chicken Breast- 24g per 3oz serving

Chicken Breast is one staple food that turns out to be one of the best in bodybuilding. This gives a lot of protein with good carbs and calories.

Luckily, this food could be eaten in numerous ways, I mean you name it!

chicken breast

There are uncountable ways/ recipes, you can find a few of them here.

Plant-Based recipes:

Peanut Butter- 8g per 2 tablespoons serving

Peanut butter is my personal favorite, though not salary unlike others ( almond butter and many more). It has a unique taste and is very versatile, could be combined with many recipes, or could be eaten simply just by spreading it on a fresh slice of bread.

Peanut Butter

Make sure you check the level of sugars involved especially when you are on a diet.

In any case, this one is just delicious!

Lentils: 26g per half-cup serving

These can ramp up your meal by adding a good amount of protein and will be some hearty and fulfilling to have, make salads or go with Indian-style curries. They taste fabulous. They are inexpensive and best for vegans and vegetarians.

You can try a Lentil curry, or have some Mexican-style Tacos which are again a very healthy option.


If this isn’t enough for you, let me know in the comments below..will share many more such good recipes for weight loss foods.

Till then Eat Healthy – Live Well