Wellness What Most People Don’t Know About Kissing

What Most People Don’t Know About Kissing

Kissing actually starts with making eye contact with your partner and feelings started slowly coming out of the body and this feeling can be seen in the eyes of your partner whom you really want closer to you. Then without thinking too much you both come closer to each other. Like in slow motion you start losing your control from your body when you started to enjoy that feeling. What Most People Don’t Know About Kissing is surprising.


Kissing is also a sign of peace and feels like you are in heaven. Here I will let you know What Most People Don’t Know About Kissing in case they are beginners in this kissing or may be don’t know much in detail about kissing but they want their life partner as much closer they can.

  • Mostly kissers tilt their heads to the right

It has been seen that many kissers while doing kissing they naturally tilt their heads to the right. Even in movies, painting and sculpture couples are tilting their heads to the right.

  • Do you know how much muscles need to coordinate while kissing?

While doing kissing our 146 muscles needs to coordinate in which 112 postural muscles and 34 are facial muscles.

  • A couple made Guinness world records in kissing-

A Thailand couple made Guinness World Record in kissing. They kiss for 58 hrs 35 min 58 sec.

  • Average person spends how much time on kissing?

Experts said that an average person spends 2-3 weeks of his/ her life in kissing.

  • Kissing burn calories

Professional says that if you do kissing for about 2-3 minutes then it will burn your calories.

  • Kissing health benefits

By doing kissing it strength immune system and prevent cavities.

  • Kiss decreases the stress throughout the body and makes happy and positive.
  • One of the main reason we love kissing too much because our lips are super sensitive and there are tons of nerve ending in our lips.
  • By doing kissing in a regular manner it has been prove that couple tends to live longer. Moreover, a kiss of goodbye gives huge benefits; it keeps up fresh all the day.
  • While doing Open mouth kiss, it transfers Testosterone of theirs. It makes their bonding strong.
  • Whenever you kiss new you exchange with him or her around 80 millions microbes.

Kissing Couples

To get in mood deep kissing does a better job because deep kiss increase the blood pressure and makes the heart beat faster.

Tanu Gaur
Tanu Gaur
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