World Health Organization Agrees that COVID-19 Might Spread Through Air

World Health Organization(WHO) had previously claimed that COVID-19 isn’t airborne. It can spread through droplets or with close contact with an infected person. It was made clear before that it can easily spread through droplets exerted when coughing and sneezing and people need to wear masks to steer clear of it. As per the guidelines issued by WHO earlier, coronavirus can easily spread while an infected person not wearing mask talks, sings, or sneezes.

However, as per the new statement of the World Health Organization, it has been made clear that it can also spread through the air. COVID-19 can be communicated through aerosols in the air and even cause an infection indoors.

World health organization

On Monday, several medical experts wrote a letter to the World Health Organization with mounting evidence to conclude that aerosolized droplets floating in the air are among the ways for COVID-19 transmission.

Whatsoever, the World Health Organization still believes that aerosol transmission isn’t a very significant contributor. Many medical experts continue to claim that this is not a very wise statement. Such aerosol transmissions can risk lives on a large scale across the world.

Dr. Julian W Tang states that “Ventilation is the key control point for an airborne virus”. As per the generalized idea of medical experts, we need to optimize the ventilation and remove the virus from the air before people inhale it.

As per one of the studies published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), it was stated that under the right conditions, such droplets could travel a long range. Droplets from sneezes cough or exhaling can easily travel more than even 26 feet and linger in the air for a very long time.

COVID-19 Through Air

What’s the solution?

To stop such droplets and aerosols can be controlled through high-quality masks. A few masks such as N-95 filter out at least 95% of such airborne particles as well.

As it was prescribed earlier, social distancing is the biggest solution to keeping yourself safe in the wake of this pandemic. Hence, with social distancing and by wearing high-quality masks like N-95, the chances of being affected by coronavirus will surely decrease.