How to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker in 20 Minutes

Quinoa is one of the popular food grains that is being used in a healthy diet these days. This grain is used in all types of foods such as salads, rice, shakes, and even in snacks because of its low carbohydrates diet. Quinoa is previously well known as the ‘mother of the grain’. It is so popular due to its gluten-free nature and being a whole grain carbohydrate as well as protein food, that is rich with all the nine essential amino acids.

In real quinoa is not a whole grain, but instead known as “Pseudo cereal”. This means that though it is eaten as a whole grain, still it not a grain instead they are produced from the grasses.

quinoa in rice cooker

What are the quinoa health benefits?

Quinoa brings in lots of health benefits when taken as a part of a healthy diet. These are gaining popularity day by day due to the richness of the health benefits that are embedded in these seeds. One of the major health benefits of these pseudocereal grains is that they aim at reducing all illnesses. It is possible as they are packed up with proteins and are one of the best substitutes for gluten-free foods. Let’s have a look at the major and popular health benefits offered by quinoa grains.

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Lower illnesses

One of the major benefits of quinoa is that they help in reducing illnesses for the people who take them in their food.

Fights against cancer

Quinoa helps in reducing other powerful diseases and fighting against such as cancer. This is possible due to the presence of high levels of fiber in it. Quinoa when made as a part of a healthy diet then definitely there is a chance of it fighting against some of the serious gastrointestinal cancers such as colon cancer.

Helps in lowering cholesterol

Quinoa contains dietary fiber that helps in lowering the bad cholesterol that is accumulated in the body and makes a person look obese. So, those who wish to maintain a healthy diet plan then they need to make this one of the important food and part of their diet without fail.

Digestive health is improved

Quinoa also helps in boosting the digestive system and runs it perfectly without any problems or defects.

Heart functions effectively

The presence of magnesium levels in quinoa makes the heart function properly without any defects.

Type 2 diabetes

People suffering from type 2 diabetes can make quinoa part of their diet and it helps due to the presence of magnesium levels in it.

How to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker?

Cooking quinoa in a rice cooker is quite a simple and easiest process, though there are other ways of cooking also. It approximately takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook quinoa in a rice cooker, while resting time will be 5 to 7 minutes. Conventional rice cookers are the best ones to cook quinoa. The process of cooking quinoa is taking 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of water and putting it in a rice cooker. Then switch on the rice cooker and can do the work until the cooking completes.

how to cook quinoa in rice cooker

However, the cooking time will vary according to the cooker being used as well as the quantity that is being cooked. In most rice cookers, the yummy quinoa will be ready in just 15 minutes. One can happily enjoy the soft quinoa along with other curries just like that rice. Its neutral taste will make people enjoy it happily.

Cooking Quinoa

Quinoa can be cooked in any way as per the desire of the user, However, this natural grain just takes only 15 minutes to cook it completely. Quinoa can be included in food or can be considered as a breakfast or snack. To have them as snacks, it is necessary to eat quinoa flakes. They can also be mixed with other ingredients and cooked in salads, curries and much more has other varieties. Hence this is one of the best foods for weight loss and also improves blood sugar levels in those people who consume it daily.

Steps to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

  1. Rinse 1 cup of organic quinoa in cold water. Drain.
  2. To prevent sticking, spray or sprinkle the bottom and sides of the rice cooker with a little olive oil before adding quinoa.
  3. Add 2 cups fresh water or veg broth, and you can also add a pinch of salt and black pepper to the liquid for seasoning to the inner pot.
  4. Add chopped vegetables and stir well.
  5. Secure the lid and turn on your rice cooker. After 15 minutes your quinoa will be ready.

How Long Can Cooked Quinoa Last?

If stored in a tightly sealed container, quinoa will be good for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. And it will last in the cold freezer for up to 50 days.

Is Quinoa good for Weight Loss?

Quinoa is one of the low-calorie food and helps in losing weight, though not in larger quantities but without fail in smaller quantities. These whole grains are packed up with huge amounts of proteins along with fiber which is much healthy and required for good health. A plate full of cooked quinoa when taken will bring in a feeling that the stomach is full at present and no need to have anything more for a long duration.

It is because of the presence of low glycemic index carbohydrates in large quantities. So, when quinoa is taken in food then people do not crave any other food in the middle or do not wish to have any small snacks in between. It is due to the feeling of a heavy stomach for a longer duration.

Is Quinoa good for weight loss

One of the most important major advantages of having quinoa in lunch is that it has the best nutritional benefits that are not available in other foods. This is a low-calorie food and has just 222 calories in a cup of cooked quinoa. Some people have doubts that regular consumption of quinoa in food may cause any side effects, but there is no such problem, and everyone can eat without fear.

Instead, it is healthy and safe to eat without any worries. Though it does not have any side effects the only problem faced by a few people is that it causes stomach irritation, but not in all people. Quinoa has more nutritional benefits in comparison with that brown rice. So, people like to prefer cooked quinoa instead of one cup of brown rice as it is better than the latter one.

how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker

Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Quinoa being a 9 essential amino acid food has got a huge number of health benefits too. Some of the popular health benefits of consuming quinoa in the regular diet are as follows.

  • High nutritious value food – Quinoa is a grain crop that means an edible seed that has high nutrient value and for which it is becoming popular among those who are very much conscious about their health.
  • Presence of plant compounds – Apart from various nutrients it also contains flavonoids such as quercetin and kaempferol which will have large health benefits.
  • The rich content of fiber – It is a rich fiber food than any other grain.
  • Gluten-free – Quinoa is popular for its gluten-free nature that will have a rich amount of antioxidants.
  • Essential amino acids – It has rich amounts of amino acids with a good source of proteins.
  • Low glycemic index
  • Important minerals presence such as iron and magnesium
  • Easy to use in a daily diet.

Quinoa vs Rice

Quinoa and rice differ in nutritional values because each has its benefits when seen individually. If both of them are compared then 1 cup of rice provides 200 calories, while quinoa offers 222 calories of the same quantity. In comparison to rice, quinoa has huge proteins and high nutrients in it. One of the major benefits of quinoa is that it is a rich fiber food than that rice which has low fiber in comparison with each other. This is a gluten-free natured grain when compared with rice grains.

So, it is preferred that of rice in most cases. Quinoa is a complete protein food with lots of health benefits. And it is one of the best foods for those who prefer vegetarian food with lots of minerals and proteins present in it.

Quinoa vs Oatmeal

Quinoa is one of the best foods that oats though both stands on the same line still have a more nutritious value than that oats. It is a rich fiber food and more than that oats. Even quinoa can be included with any other food or can be taken alone at the convenience of the eater. It takes very less time to cook quinoa rather than oats. So, in the comparison between quinoa and oats, people like to prefer quinoa rather than oats most of the people prefer to eat quinoa rather than that of oats.

This way, quinoa can be cooked quickly in a rice cooker. This high-nutrient food helps in shedding excess calories in the body at the same time maintaining good health.