Canker Sores: Everything You Need To Know About It

Canker sores generally the last one to two weeks however, the severity of it varies. If the condition is too severe, people may suffer from acute pain which causes them pain while eating, speaking, brushing, etc.

In such a situation, it is essential to have complete information about them so that you can treat them properly. If you are also troubled by canker sores, you must read this article. Here, we have given essential information related to them, which will prove useful.

What are Canker Sores?

Canker sores refer to a condition when a person’s lips, tongue or gums, etc. bear red pain.

Canker Sores

They are also known by the name of mouth ulcers or mouth sores. Although they can be treated with creams, medicines, etc, they often take severe forms, and due to which people experience difficulty in doing their daily chores.

In addition to stress, acidic fruits, braces, and dentures can cause so much trouble in your mouth, and these sores can emerge. While these wounds heal on their own in a few days, you can reduce the extent of their suffering through various home remedies as well.

Types of Canker Sores

There are mainly three types of mouth blisters, which are as follows

  • Minor canker sore – This is a common type of mouth ulcer, which can range in size from 2 millimeters to 8 millimeters. There is no need to take any kind of medicine for minor canker sores, and it cures in 2 weeks.
  • Major canker sore – Another type of mouth ulcer is Major canker sore. The size of this is slightly larger than the minor sores and may last for a few weeks. Even after they are cured, they may leave behind marks on the face.
  • Herpetiform canker sore – It is a type of canker sore that is quite rare and usually develops in the later phases. They are generally of pinpoint size and are hard to cure.  They are not caused by herpes virus infection.

What are the main canker sore symptoms?

Like any other disease, canker sores also have some symptoms that indicate their onset.

Therefore, if a person sees these five symptoms in his body, he should not ignore them and see the doctor at the earliest:

  • Pain in the inside of the mouth– The most prominent symptom of canker sores is a pain in the inner parts of the mouth. Along with the pain, the part may turn red.
  • Mouth pain while brushing or eating– In the case of mouth blisters, a person also has trouble doing daily life tasks. These include a brush or some food, which causes mouth pain.
  • Mouth pain while eating salty, sour, or spicy food– If a person has pain in the mouth while eating some salty, sour, or tasty food, it may be due to canker sores. For this reason, such a person should meet the doctor as soon as possible and get the right medicine so that he can get rid of it in time.
  • Loss of appetite– There are many such cases of canker sores, in which loss of appetite is witnessed. Therefore, if you feel severe gum pain and experience a loss in your appetite, consult a doctor at the earliest.
  • Fever– Frequent, recurrent fever can also be a symptom of canker sores. For this reason, it is essential to consult a doctor before adopting any canker sore in throat treatment.

Causes of canker sores

There are numerous reasons why a person suffers from canker sores. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Upset Stomach– The person who has an upset stomach, is more likely to have mouth blisters. Upset stomach is also one of the major canker sore in throat causes. Such a person should pay special attention to his diet and stick to a healthy diet.
  • Having genetic history– If you are wondering what causes canker sores in the throat, then know that it can also be caused due to genetic history. Therefore, such a person with a medical history of canker sores in the relatives should take special care of his health.
  • Eating tobacco– If a person consumes a lot of tobacco, then there is a high probability of suffering from canker sores
  • Weak Immunity: A person who has weak immunity is more likely to suffer from this disease.
  • Any type of infection: Often, mouth blisters occur even when your body is exposed to some other kind of infection.

How can canker sores be treated?

Cankers are small, round sores in your mouth. These can be inside your cheek, under your tongue, or behind your throat. Usually, its edges are red, and the middle part is gray. If you are wondering are canker sores contagious, then know that canker sores are not contagious. If you have a viral infection, it can happen to you. They can also arise from stress, food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiency, hormonal changes, and menstruation. In some cases, the cause is not known.

They can be very painful.  Canker sores can be treated just like any other disease. Here, we have mentioned the five methods by which you can treat canker sores.

canker sore in throat treatment

  • Apply Cream– The easiest way to treat canker sores is to apply relief cream on them. These types of creams help cure canker sores quickly. However, consult your doctor before applying anything. Also, you should rinse two to three times a day to protect the mouth.
  • Eat medicine– In addition to applying the cream to treat canker sores, eating medicine can also prove to be a good option.
  • Eat B-complex vitamin tablets: If a person has canker sores, he should eat a capsule or tablet of B-complex vitamins as it has healing properties.
  • Applying a piece of ice to the canker sores– In addition to cream or medicine, canker sores can also be treated using a piece of ice. In such a situation you should consume the maximum quantity of fruits and drink plenty of water.
  • Include Vitamin-C-rich foods in your diet: Vitamin-C should be included in the food of mouth ulcers patients:  For this, drink two to three glasses of orange juice daily. You can also get vitamin C from tomatoes.
  • Avoid certain foods: Avoid spicy and fried foods as much as possible. Non-vegetarian food is acidic, so mouth ulcer sufferers should avoid its consumption. Foods that are likely to cause a burning sensation in the mouth or getting stuck in the teeth should be avoided. You should stay away from alcohol and chocolate until the canker sores are cured. Consuming plenty of green vegetables as much as possible is beneficial.

Home remedies for relieving canker sores

Use aloe vera to treat canker sores

If you get blisters in your mouth or throat, it can be difficult for you to drink even a small sip of water. These blisters often occur due to increased body heat and may appear as sores or canker sores. These yellowish-white lesions that may be round or oval and have a red border on their edges can be treated using aloe vera. Apply aloe vera on the affected area of your mouth or you can drink a warm concoction. It is undoubtedly the best canker sore in throat remedy.

canker sore in throat remedy

Put wet tea bag in the affected area:

Putting a wet tea bag in a painful area can provide some relief. Actually, tannic acid present in tea reduces inflammation, and tea can also neutralize the acid in the mouth.

Use alum:

Put alum in the painful area for one minute. This helps to reduce inflammation and dries out the lesions. Alum is famous for its relieving and blood-thinning properties.

Washing mouth with salt water can also help reduce pain:

Saline water can reduce pain and swelling and provides rapid relief in the throat. This will effectively give you canker sore relief.

Basil leaves are known to be effective on wounds:

Basil leaves not only provide immediate relief from ulcers but also prevent them from re-emerging. To get rid of wounds, 4-5 basil leaves should be chewed every 4 hours throughout the day.

canker sore relief

Apply a turmeric mixture:

To reduce the burning sensation in the ulcer, mix turmeric powder in glycerin and massage it gently on the ulcer area. After about 15-20 minutes, clean it.

Prepare a concoction:

One solution is to boil one cup of water with one spoon of coriander powder. After this, when the water gets cold, it also gives relief from rinsing two to three times a day.

Baking Soda:

Mix a spoonful of baking soda in a few drops of water and apply it to the ulcer’s area two or three times and clean it thoroughly after 15 minutes.

Herbal Tea:

After eating food, drinking herbal tea also provides relief in mouth blisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How can the pain of canker sores be reduced?

Canker sores can be painful for any person. In such a situation, follow certain rules, so that this pain can be reduced – do not eat spicy food, take adequate fluids, take pain-relieving medicines, etc.

Q 2. Eating which type of food causes canker sores?

The possibility of canker sores is more in those who eat chocolate, coffee, eggs, tea, spicy food, fast food, etc.

Q 3. How long can mouth blisters last?

Usually, mouth sores last for 1-2 weeks and are cured on their own with little care.

Q 4. Are canker sores a sign of cancer?

No, canker sores are not a sign of cancer. This is a common problem that occurs to all people. However, some people can stay for a long time, but such people do not have to worry because they get rid of it gradually.

Q 5. Can mouth sores be caused by stress?

Usually, mouth blisters are not directly caused by stress.

Q 6. Can canker sores be caused by weakness?

Yes, Vitamin B deficiency can also be a cause of canker sores. In such a situation, doctors give vitamin tablets to people suffering from canker sores, so that the deficiency of vitamins in the body can be replenished.

Q 7. What are the causes of canker sores on the tongue?

Canker sores occur on the tongue only when a person comes in contact with a virus.  It is also rare to find a canker sore in the throat. In such a situation, taking antibiotic medicine to that person can prove beneficial.