Wellness10 Spironolactone Side Effects, Right Dosage, Hair Loss, Acne

10 Spironolactone Side Effects, Right Dosage, Hair Loss, Acne

Spironolactone is a drug that is consumed by humans and it is a potassium-sparing water pill that helps the body not to absorb too much salt and keeps potassium level at an average level and prevents it from getting too low. This medicine is used to treat various conditions of the body that includes high blood pressure, the low potassium level in the blood, heart failure, etc. It is also used to treat kidney failure disorder that is known as nephrotic syndrome.  There are some possible common and rare Spironolactone side effects  side effects which we will discuss.

If a person develops too much aldosterone in his body then the condition can also be treated with the help of spironolactone. Aldosterone is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands of the human body and it helps to regulate salt and water levels. Spironolactone can also be used to treat hair related problems and to treat acne .

Key Points about Spironolactone

Spironolactone should not be used by patients if their body condition is not observed by a doctor. You should be cautious while consuming spironolactone if you suffer from kidney problems, high levels of potassium and if you face problems in urinating. You should also be careful if you are already taking eplerenone.

While spironolactone was tested in animals it has caused tumours in many animals but the fact has not yet been discovered that whether this can occur in humans as well. This drug should only be used by humans if it is being prescribed by the doctor after the body conditions are checked properly.

spironolactone side effects

Spironolactone for Acne

Spironolactone for acne can also be used and this is the most common problem faced by teens. However, you should consider some points before consuming this drug and it is not recommended if a human is allergic to it or is already suffering from the following conditions –

  • High level of Potassium in Blood Levels also known as Hyperkalemia.
  • An adrenal gland disorder is known as Addison’s disease.
  • If you are consuming eplerenone.
  • Problems faced in urinating.

spironolactone for acne

You should discuss with your doctor before he is prescribing Spironolactone to you and you should also be sure that it is entirely safe for you.

  • An imbalance of magnesium levels in your blood.
  • Some type of diseases in the kidney or liver.
  • Heart diseases.

It can also harm an unborn baby and so you should reveal to your doctor if you are conceiving or are planning to get pregnant. A mother should not be breast-feeding when she is using this drug.

Spironolactone weight loss programs are also famous and can be prescribed by doctors to some patients so that they can speed up their weight loss program.

Spironolactone Dose

Consult a doctor before taking this drug and you should take this medicine as prescribed by your physician. Follow the directions properly on your prescription that how should you consume this medicine in a day. Your dosage may be occasionally changed depending on your body type and how it responds to the drug. It is not recommended that you should take a larger or smaller dosage of this drug or should consume it for a longer period than prescribed.

A person having the same symptoms as yours should not be given the same medicine if not prescribed by the doctor. A consistent method of dosage should be followed when you are consuming this drug and you should not change the routine you are following from the very beginning. You can have this medicine either before or after food. Your doctor may prescribe certain blood tests to you before allowing you a dosage of Spironolactone.

You may discover some results that are unusual related to the medical tests done after you have started consuming this medicine. If you are visiting some other doctor then you should always tell them that you are on spironolactone drug.

If you have to undergo surgery then you should tell the doctor that you are consuming spironolactone. This drug doesn’t need to be recommended by a physician rather it can also be recommended to some patients as spironolactone for hair loss is also used.

spironolactone for hair loss

If spironolactone dose is being recommended to you for controlling high blood pressure then you should not stop taking this medicine even if you observe that your blood pressure is running normally. There are no indications that your body is going through a high blood pressure level. There are some cases when the patient needs to be on blood pressure medicine for the rest of their life.

Spironolactone Side Effects

If you observe that there are some allergic reactions in your body by consuming Spironolactone then you should immediately seek medical help. Spironolactone for hair loss is often recommended and if there are side effects, then it may lead to certain situations that include swelling in many body parts, difficulty in breathing, etc.

You should stop using spironolactone at once if you observe the following situations –

  • No urination or very little.
  • Stomach bleeding observed through different signs such as coughing up blood, bloody stools, etc.
  • A feeling that you have in your head like you may pass out at any point in time.
  • Uneven heart rate, getting thirsty too often at an extreme level, discomfort in the leg, weakening of muscles, etc.

Spironolactone side effects are many and there are some common side effects observed too by consuming the drug. They are –

Well, this is not a complete list of side-effects that may occur by consuming this drug and you should consult your doctor about the side-effects that might occur by being on the dose of Spironolactone.


The medicine should be kept out of the reach of children and extra care should be taken so that no one consumes this drug by any chance and it should not be shared with any other person. Take proper advice from your physician or healthcare personnel as the information available in this piece of the article may not be relevant to every individual since each one of us has a different body type.

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