How to Stop Smoking

Hi Friends, You all Know Nowadays Smoking Cigarettes, Cigars, Marijuana is becoming common thing .You Daily See These kinds of News on the first page of Almost Every Newspaper. Do You Ever Imagine Why Those Addicts Can’t Stop Smoking?


When a child is Born He/she never heard about the Cigarettes, weeds etc but as they grown up their Societies changes, they meet new people with fake swag and that’s the time where they chooses to add smoking into their hobbies. May be unintentially but Bad Movies, TV Commercials & thug Life songs are the main causes for promotion of smoking. 


The main question is “why a man or a woman “Do Smoking. If You ask any smoker You will get these most common replies From Them:_

  1. “I Smoke For reducing Stress”
  2. ” It makes me feel Fresh “
  3. ” I am smoking for enjoyment”

We all know in every country There is a clear Warning Written on The box of Cigarettes that they cause Cancer. But Still, people happily purchase their own Death From the Shops. Some people smoke just to show off that they can Smoke and Smoking makes them Stronger.

There might be many reasons for Smoking But the Main One is That

In Many Countries, A Cigarette is Cheaper then A Bottle of Water. In some countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan the people Are too much addicted to these Cheap Drugs.

Why Don’t Governments Ban Smoking:

Do you know that Our Govt gets Too Much Tax from Alcohol and Cigarettes? At  One Side Govt Says That Smoking is injuries to health Quit Smoking And When It comes to an allotment of Contract For Cigarettes, Alcohol Factories Same Govt. gives them Easy contracts To Grow their Business.

Somewhere Corruption is Also involved in Raising these Dangerous addictions.

It is Clearly Written on the Packets of Cigarettes “Only For above 18” But still shopkeepers sell Cigarettes and other tobacco products to the minors.


Scientists have already aware us about the bad quality of air and it’s harmful effects and smoking is playing a vital role in increasing air pollution. Day by day the air quality is getting worst and if we soon didn’t take any steps to Save our Atmosphere we might lose our earth in the upcoming several years.


We know smoking is injurious to health, but do you have any idea how dangerous It could be?

  • Daily 75000+ (approx) people dies because of smoking
  • In recent years lung cancer has taken more than 9.6 million lives.
  • Tobacco cause yearly 40000+ mouth cancer
  • In very highly populated cities like Delhi & China yearly, 5000+ people die because of suffocation
  • Cigarettes cause a mucus & dry cough which is very bad and you know how much pain occurs during a cough.
  • School children are daily getting in touch with cigarettes and tobacco. Almost 20% of children below 18 years have started smoking in their Life.


Smoking is an addiction and a habit of some peoples and some of them smokes over the limits and damaging their Throats and Lungs. Ways to Quit Smoking

It is not easy to Quit /Stop Smoking. Because of highly addiction people lose control over their mind if they don’t Get To Smoke in a Day.

Stop Smoking

For quitting smoking many medical colleges & NGO’s are doing daily campaigns, rallies and many more to aware and warn people about the harmful effects of smoking.

Rehabilitation Center

In every state government has opened rehabilitation centers where they help the drug addict patients and do treatment for free or almost at very cheap rates.

Stop smoking quotes and messages on social media and other platforms are trying to motivate to Quit Smoking.

Quitting is not easy. You may have short-term effects such as weight gain, irritability, anxiety, headache & pain in the heart. Some people try several times before they succeed. There are many ways to quit smoking,

Some people stop smoking others benefit from step-by-step manuals, counseling, or medicines or products that help reduce Daily nicotine addiction.

Some people think that switching to e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking, but that has not been proven. Your health care provider can help you find the best way for you to quit.  Best vape to quit smoking


Most of the people don’t visit doctors just because of shame or they are afraid of treatment. God has given you just one life to live in a beautiful way so never hide anything from a doctor.

Visit their clinic and share your problems with them they have already learned and has experience in your diseases they will guide you plus help you to how to easily stop smoking.

If still afraid to consult with doctor trust me you are losing god’s gift.


There are lots of Alternative Medicines are available in the market to Stop Smoking.

Simply visit any good medical store and get these medicines from these stores. E-Cigarettes called vape is also available in the market.These cigarettes are tobacco free and won’t damage your lungs.


Stop yourself from smoking is not an easy task and it can’t be quit in just one day. First of all, you have to be make sure about your decision and your future planning.

Don’t quit smoking immediately in one day quit it by slowly making a target like if you daily smoke 5 cigarettes then smoke 4 on the first day 3 on the second day like that.

Make Yourself Busy – Join a gym or do daily exercise and make yourself busy. Most of the people smoke only when they are free and have nothing to do.


Your life is totally yours nobody will care about it more than you. Nobody knows That whether you get another life after dying. This is like a onetime lottery and you can use it as a jackpot or as a wrong codes to create your own destiny.

Smoking is not a big problem as Compared To HIV, Tuberculosis or Cancer but in starting. So don’t waste your time, be bold tight your guts and Say No to smoking

You may not care about your life but your family and your loved ones do you mean a lot for them and they don’t want to lose you because of smoking.

Please think about it again on  which you are walking on – You can comment down below Healthcare Insides will Help you as much as possible

Also, comment if you want any suggestions or medicines about quitting smoking.

Thank you. Stay Healthy stay Happy.