The United States has formally withdrawn from the World Health Organization

US President Donald Trump has formally withdrawn America from the membership of the World Health Organization (WHO). United States President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the UN health agency for not dealing with the coronavirus pandemic properly and not providing the proper means required to fight against this pandemic.

This virus has affected the US the most. It is ranking in the first position with more than 3 million positive cases, out of which over 135 thousand people have died in the country.

In this regard, President Donald Trump has submitted his decision to the WHO. It is perceived to be a massive blow to the WHO and other countries.

Let us remind you why: In the case of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Trump government claimed that WHO is operating under China. Also, since April, the US government has ceased support for the WHO.

United States

US President Trump announced in May that his country was ending its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump said, “China has full control over WHO which pays only $ 40 million a year while the US pays $ 450 million.

United States will no longer be a member of the WHO

According to the US reports, the Trump administration has submitted a letter relating to the termination of its membership from the WHO. On 06 July 2021, America will cease to be a member of the WHO. The nation will be excluded from the WHO following a year of suspension of its participation under the guidelines laid down in the year 1984. The US will, therefore, have to repay all the dues of the WHO.

US President Trump stopped funding WHO in April. The US is the country that gives the highest funding for WHO. According to a report, the World Health Organization receives around $400 million each year from America.

In April, US President Donald Trump declared his withdrawal from the World Health Organization. With immediate impact, the grant money to WHO was also halted. The US alleges that the WHO purposely postponed the inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic in China and took a good amount of time before proclaiming it as an outbreak.

Trump claimed that the WHO is controlled by China and that essential health information about COVID-19 was released much later, which has affected the United States the most.